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Passionate Warrior

No longer fair of face or form,

a solitary, lonely guardian peers

into the gathering darkness;

while from the lonely, stony heights,

and braving the approaching storm,

the passionate warrior stands

and braves the biting winds and cold,

and feeling every fear, deciding to be bold.

With vicious, biting winds the onslaught comes

and stinging, icy, deadly rains;

yet stands he pierced, still firmly planted,

while renouncing countless wounds and pains.

A dark host follows on its heels,

a hoard of shadow, lightning, clouds, and thunders,

foreboding fierceness foul reveals all manner

of deceit and lying wonders.

Unyielding to appearances,

he from his post will not be put asunder,

for in the heights of glory knows he

where his spirit dwells –

in spite of anguish, sorrow,

or the devastations of a thousand hells.

© Only a Messenger

November Night

“He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters;

He makes the clouds His chariot; He walks upon the wings of the wind;

He makes the winds His messengers, Flaming fire His ministers.

He established the earth upon its foundations,

So that it will not totter forever and ever.”

Psalm 104:3-5

Nov Night.png

Sky Blossom

A visual offering today, with a little poetry to follow…

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Unfettered One.png

Might it be that, when we realize that our life is hid with Christ in God, that it brings a perspective of things that rises above the mundane, yet gives wings and meaning to life? Might this be that “far off world hung shining”?

Forever Free

No star, no sun, no totem guide

has power over me;

No ghost, no demigod, no wraith

can have authority.

The universe is not my god –

its “will” can have no sway;

Sin’s corrupting inclinations

no longer have their way.

With Christ in heavenly places,

in His holiness I dwell,

above all other entities,

or names, or powers of hell!

This is my one confession, now and for eternity –

That by the blood of Jesus Christ I am forever free!

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Time And Truth

Time marches on, so they say.
Do we march simply in lockstep with the times,
or to the beat of the truthful drummer?
Say you, what has truth to do with creativity?
Oh, mercy me! Can’t you see?
Without His Truth
We can never be free!
If we are not free,
then in His image we cannot be.

Creativity requires above all
merging with and merging into Truth,
but not just any truth,
not “my” truth, nor “your” truth –
which is no truth at all
For it was this that caused our fall –
that we chose whatever was right in our eyes,
spurred on by the adversary of our souls, the father of lies!

Tumbling from perfection
dis-aligned with God,
into fragmentation, dis-ease, dismemberment, and sin:
that state of without-ness within!
Without His protection,
Without His Love,
Cut off from expanding and exploring the fullness
of what we once were –
the perfect coming forth from Creator Father God!
No mere ascending apes rising from slime and sod.

And one thing’s sure –
that only to abide in His word,
within and without,
by His Holy Spirit inwardly heard,
shall we be restored and be set free
To bear the image and likeness of His full on creativity!
By Truth we are set free from strife,
for His Truth alone is Spirit and Life!

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Post All Hallows Eve

Whence this wild, wet, and wearying weather
Which was,
is no more,
and left together
huddling seagulls
on the shore?

Blown away with wanton wicked witches
riding high,
vapors on a starless sky,
keening eerily
in ghastly pitches,
disappearing as the north winds die.

Cast along the lane once lofty leaves
release in death such radiance!
Why, my soul, bereave?
As angry clouds foretell
one more vicious, frozen winter hell,
My soul the Sun’s strength still perceives.

© 2014 by Yvonne Blasy

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