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The One Needful Prayer

Some people think it’s a cop out to pray a simple prayer like this. My thought is, if it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me. Here are a few more considerations related to the idea:


Hope you like the visual too!

Thy Will Be Done.png

Fear Not

Fear not, for I Am with you. Even if you are going through the consequences of your foolishness, I ever seek to draw you to Me.

Come to Me, you who are weary. I always stand ready to lift you up out of the burdens of darkness, back into the Light for which you were created in the first place. Come to Me; learn from Me, for I Am with you.

If you acknowledge that I Am everywhere present, then you know that I Am now here, and it cannot be otherwise – although your dimmed perceptions and the voices of chaos and darkness tell you that I am nowhere to be found.

But again I say, fear not, for I Am with you.

Look to Me; I Am here to set you free to be in Me. Have you not called Me Emmanuel – God with us? And so I Am. Come to Me. Know Me. Learn of Me. I do not condemn, for I Am unconditional Love Who has come looking for My beloved. I Am Love that sets free, heals, and restores you. That is all I want – to love you as you were meant to be loved!

Fear not, for I Am with you. Look for Me, and you will see Me. Turn around and look. I Am with you.