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Might it be that, when we realize that our life is hid with Christ in God, that it brings a perspective of things that rises above the mundane, yet gives wings and meaning to life? Might this be that “far off world hung shining”?

Political “Reality” Show? Just Say No!

While I’m doing my crazy, abstract art ( a lot of thoughts arise out of the relaxed state such projects bring. While people might be puzzled as to the “meaning”, it’s always surprising what comes forward for the artist along with the art. It never seems to fail. The following is an example:

It would be so greatly helpful if we’d all start using electronic social media for sharing solution-oriented information instead of all the hand wringing, whining, “the sky is falling” problem fixation, victim glorification… blah blah blah… that goes around and around.

I’m not talking about “Pollyanna Positivity” – stick your head in the sand – everything is beautiful – pretend it isn’t happening posts, or just dwelling on what ticks you off in the way of “ain’t it awful”. I’m talking about innovative, creative life solutions that every INDIVIDUAL human being has the ability to come up with. Maybe THAT is why you and I are here in this world now… Have you thought about that?

Seriously – might it be possible to actually think about, ask for, pray for guidance about, and come up with solutions (other than politics, which is no solution at all but the way we’ve always done it)?… A place to begin might be one’s own life, not the national or international levels of matters. After all, the “history” that REALLY counts is yours and mine, not what “they” want it to be – because “they” want to focus us on what the “upper echelon” wants – which is always to be center stage, in the limelight, and adored by the rest of humankind. Consequently they syphon our energy, our resources, our tax dollars, etc. Hogwash! They are not God or gods! They deserve no adoration whatsoever. Respect – in some cases – yes, but not the adulation this sick sycophantic society has been indoctrinated to bestow upon them!

I think that to a degree we’ve been talked out of living our own life and our own God given creativity (no, not necessarily “art” & that sort of thing, but ideas that could be innovative and refreshing for living), and it could begin with something so simple as taking a little time each day for serious, focused reflection on our own interior landscape, our life, and where that needs to go – not where the powers that wannabe (“PTWB”) would like our attention placed.

There might be a lot of healing (even physical) in this approach – consciously building our own God given “energy containment field” and not letting the PTWB syphon it off.

Solutions, wisdom? “You have not because you ask not” . “Ask and you shall receive that your joy may be made full”! Governments have not proven that they are capable of, or deserving of, our adoration since time began. Eventually they always get the big head and start playing God.

For this reason I’m becoming more and more convinced that it’s time to “leave the auditorium” (as in stop focusing on it!) where this charade is played out over and over again. The focus must be higher than a corrupt system made up of some of the most corrupt people on earth. I’m a non violent person, and this is the most rudimentary non violent solution I can come up with: simply pull the focus back in where it belongs – personal, domestic, local. Screw the international scene and its ship of fools!

Remember, it’s been said, “Where the focus goes the energy flows”. We need to stop wasting it on politics – what Gerald Celente ( ) calls “show biz for ugly people”. Maybe we could all start entertaining instead the “angel unaware” – the new idea that holds answers, a stranger to the thinking of all too many of us.

That may sound odd, because we’ve just never allowed ourselves the luxury of being anything but a “human resource” for one system or another that doesn’t deserve that kind of power… whether we’re “going against” it or supporting it. It’s never too late to start a different way of thinking. It could bring a whole new experience.

Please – I hope you will consider and ponder these ideas.

Have You Considered…?

Have you considered making art or music or writing as being a means of connecting with the Creator, and thereby accessing not only relaxation, but greater awareness, inner healing, and maybe even being able to recognize that Still Small Voice letting you know of His relentless Love for you?

I realized last evening while working on some art ( viewable here: ) that there’s nothing like some “digital doodling” to let go of the day!

Little is more relaxing for me than “weaving pixels of light” while listening to uplifting yet relaxing music in the background. (That’s often my art m.o. these days…) The process is quite freeing as well as enjoyable. This is one of my favorite ways to drift and release the stresses of the day before going to sleep. The music can match your mood. I like to use one of my Pandora stations that I’ve dubbed “Deep Relaxation” to provide the needed sound energy ambience, in order to actually unwind at the end of a day.

It also serves well to put one’s mind into the space of sacred creativity, connecting prayerfully and reverently to the mind of the Creator… “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.” (John 1:3)

These are just a few thoughts and visuals to bless your Sunday, dear visitor. Everyone is creative in some way. One of my least favorite things I hear people announce over themselves is “Oh, I’m not creative.”

Might it simply be that, although we may not wind up with a private showing with some swanky gallery in New York, a simple thing like doodling might relax and open us up enough to access some dormant idea or gift? It may not be related at all to what we consider as “the arts”, but your creativity may be there in the form of an idea or a consideration of direction you’ve never noticed before.

Never marginalize your ability to create, dear unknown friend! We’re made in the image of God, Who is first and foremost recognized as Creator and Father of our spirits!

Consider… Contemplate… Create. Certainly the world could use some new ideas and directions. Is there something unique that you alone may have been sent here to Earth Mission 1 to offer or provide? The Creator may have a bigger vision for you than you’ve had for yourself.

Or it could be that He simply wants to let you know He loves you unconditionally.

Walk with Him. There’s so much freshness, refreshing, newness of life and Love to be experienced along His Way.

Unfettered 1

Unfettered One

Made in our Creator-Father’s image and likeness,

we are given the ability to imagine, to vision,

especially to vision as one Mind with the Holy Spirit.

If there ever were a time when our world

needed imagination and vision,

it is now.

Is it only me, or does anyone else sense that

we have long enough been caged?

It is time to soar,

to not allow ourselves any longer

to be talked out of

the birthright of the sons of God.

“But as many as received him,

to them gave he power to become the sons of God,

even to them that believe on his name.”

John 1:12

Chapel Of The Cross

Months of work have been put into the art you will find on this page. You may have seen these crosses accompanying a number of my blogs. On this page from my main website you will find the entire showcase of them all so far, along with a slideshow accompanied by music.

This project is planned for continuation especially through Lent, as a focal for meditation and contemplation on the meaning of the Cross of Jesus Christ during this most sacred time of year.

Should you desire to purchase prints in a large variety of types and sizes and other items (cellphone covers and throw pillows at this time) imprinted with these crosses, you can find them at my art website

Creative Resolve

Last evening it was good to get back to making some art – although it was “only” a digital piece (included with this writing). When I do this kind of art, it is a contemplative process that also relaxes. Even so, because I’ve experienced a “creative block” for quite awhile now, it seemed as if I was dragged kicking and screaming to the artwork. Yet it seemed like now was the time… Just do it, and see what happens.

As I got underway, my insides seemed to normalize, and I began to enjoy creating again, while listening to music, or alternately the jabbering of internet talk radio (the latter may or may not be a good idea). The process of making art was not only refreshing, but it also began to lift a rather strong melancholia which set in a couple of months ago, followed by succumbing to an intense contagion leaving me weak and fatigued.

Melancholia. It seems so much more romantic than depression which sounds so clinical. Why this was so overwhelming I do not know, but this is the first time in my life that I can remember that, not only was I not making any art, but it was the first Christmas season in my entire life where I was not involved in performing or sharing music whatsoever. I’d even written a Christmas song in October, and I never finished it! Suffice it to say, There was nothing for it but to force myself out of this non-creative inertia!

It’s been four years since I was freed up from the workaday, with a view to finally being able to stretch into who I’ve always been – a spiritual and creative person. This has not unfolding as well, smoothly, or quickly as I’d like to have seen it happen. Sometimes when you know you must walk a path, you wind up creating the map also!

For as long as I can recall, the chief interests of my life have been matters of faith and the visual and performing arts. But my “real job” was one that turned out to be a love hate situation within the highly technical environment of allopathic healthcare. While it put bread on the table and a roof over my head, it seemed as if every day was a day where I had to force myself to go to work. This doesn’t mean kicking to the curb the idea of helping people, but the intensity and fast pace of such an environment are probably more rigorous than most people imagine, and one frankly burns out – especially if it’s not really your bailiwick in the first place.

For creative, sensitive souls this is probably the most counterproductive environment there is when it comes to squelching creative life! It sucks away time, energy, and enthusiasm – at least that was its effect on me. Yet some tend to get trapped early in the game, and whether or not there’s a way out, what governs that outcome is probably our belief that we’re trapped forever.

However, “jobs” are practical; creativity and the arts are discouraged as anything more than hobbies in our mechanistic, utilitarian world. I’ve always wanted to have a bold bumper sticker that declares, “The work ethic: curse of the creative class!”

Yes, while in God’s garden there are radishes, turnips, parsnips, and carrots, thriving in lots of “fertilizer”, some of us are not that. We need plenty of balance – shade, sunlight, dew, a little rain, and gentle breezes in order to thrive. We don’t do well at all in chaos and contention.

And not the least of the creative’s needs are copious amounts of solitude and stillness, for if making art is anything, it is contemplative process!

This world is a utilitarian place run by, to say the least, self serving occupational forces. The more I embrace a Christian worldview, the more I realize that these “keepers” hate creativity. Why? Creativity means thinking and feeling outside the box of a cookie cutter reality and tapping the deep interior Being where we contact the Supernal One, “our Father” as Jesus encourages us to call Him. When that happens, the game is over. We captives bear the image of the Most High – supernally creative, infinitely loving, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. And if such Beings growing up into all the fulness of Him (which is the plan), awaken to discover who we are, and once more function within this creative, primal, pristine state of being, Houston, the current occupiers will have a problem. Indeed they do.

For no matter how far into captivity we’ve been taken, it must be seen that a part of our character is not only creativity, but an amazing, unstoppable capacity for expansion of understanding. This means that as this expansiveness reaches a certain point of growth – which I believe we have entered – we will recognize who we are, what our capabilities are, and commence with living accordingly. We will enter into the truth, and the truth will make us free.

Nothing can stop this emergence which is happening now. Therefore we are, as a natural course of celestial children, outgrowing their confines and their control. The keepers know this, and there is nothing they can do about it, except to hasten a faster more overt lockdown which can easily be seen – treacherous, controlling, and murderous beyond belief. With for example, geo-engineering (chemtrails) in the air, fluoride and other pollutants in the water, deadly vaccines, genetic manipulation of plants animals and humans, every avenue of our ability to sustain ourselves on Earth is being threatened. And it’s all right in our face if we dare to look.

They no longer hide it nor attempt to cover up their capricious, greedy, power drunk, morally bankrupt, psychopathic, self serving agendas. However, the upshot of this is that it has become evident who they are and to whom they have sold their souls. The outcome for them will be disastrous, for they will reap all they have sown, since like everyone else, they are not above the natural laws built into the Universe.

The answer? Each and every one of us must become as creative as possible! How? The direct approach is to “draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you.” In His mind, heart, and will are the answers to the “how”. He is more than ready and willing to inspire and guide us with how to proceed. God will always make a way forward and upward, granting the Wisdom we need – if we will only ask and keep on asking.

The creative path is the Way of the Creator. It may not mean art, music, dance, writing or the things we ordinarily associate with creativity, but may instead come in the formation of a new idea that seems to haunt you and wants you to give it life.

Believe it or not, simple doodling for example can bring a relaxed state of mind where fresh ideas and inspirations can flow into awareness. To me, this is art used as prayer – no words necessary; just show up in the Presence of omnipresent infinite Love and Wisdom with receptive intention that the answers you need for such a time as this will be given to you, and it will be so.

You may find yourself amazed. Personally for me making art also relieves melancholia, demolishes inertia, and ignites the enthusiasm necessary to do what I’m inspired to do.

In closing, let me just offer that it’s so important to remember and make a space for the creative gifts with which we are sent into the world. This is a huge part of routing out these “occupational forces” from our life and our world. Many conclude that it is time now that this needs to be over and done with. I concur! We need to embrace who we are – the creative, loving children of God who allow no one to convince us of anything less and move forward into the Reality intended for us from the beginning.

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The Walk-In Experience

Yes, this is a bit “off style” for me, and a bit more personal, but maybe this is what’s needed – to “lighten” up some!

No, this is not about woo woo. Relax! But then again, might the reality we’re experiencing these days be just a little too woo woo?

There is little more surreal (a.k.a. woo woo) than the waiting room at the walk-in clinic. Nonetheless, we decided this morning that it was time to just drop in to see what condition our condition was in. Even George admitted that we both ought to voluntarily walk in before they had to carry us in to a setting far more surreal – such as the inside of a hospital… (I’m trying hard not to say, “over my dead body”!) 

Neither of us has been significantly ill with contagion for literally decades, let alone something that seemed to rage on relentlessly, nor both at the same time. So this morning after 4 days of “this”, and the inability of herbs, mega doses of vitamins, rest, and medicinal teas to keep up with the challenge, we decided it was time to go for the big guns. A decision not lightly undertaken.

So there we were. People seated lined up against the walls. Everyone wearing a little yellow mask, including us – for what those were worth. Off came the masks as people sneezed, blew noses, threw the used tissues into their purses, went to the drinking fountain (!), put the mask back on, and then went back to consulting their “info-oracles” (Smart Phones and such.) Sans hand sanitizer… 

Ye gads, who disinfects this place after everyone leaves at night? No, don’t ask that.

No one was talking – except the two of us. It seems these days that the Rule of Silence must apply in the presence of the “iOracles”. We seemed so… loud! So after awhile we basically zipped the lip and… observed.

In my mind’s eye I’m picturing Salvador Dali as he renders a huge painting of this surreal scene. The masked sniffling people, with dark circles under their eyes, lined up in neat little chairs along the walls, staring down at their iOracles, entreating the info demiurge for dubious knowledge, as they peck away at their  electronic “devices” (no longer “just” cellphones). It seemed like either being onboard some sort of alien craft awaiting experimentation, or slipping across some nebulous boundary into an other-dimensional experience.

Dali? No! This one is mine.

The odd thing about this is that just noticing what was going on around me was a stimulant for my imagination, and that in itself began to make me feel better. There is a lot of healing that can take place through imagination, if you can just kind of roll with what’s in front of you. It pulls you out of what George like to call the “molly grubs”, which only exist in spaces of perceived limitation. There is also a sort of quirky humor in it. There’s art. There’s music and lyrics. There’s poetry. There’s a story. There may even be a lesson or two. If we just observe and imagine. 

And you miss all of it when your focus is ever on the iOracle!

No, I’m not making fun of anyone in that room or any other such facility. Hey, I was as sick as the next guy and even now writing this in the semi-recumbent position of my cozy bed. 

But life has often drawn me to the conclusion that you can always turn things upside down, sideways, or maybe even right side up, by just choosing to look at your surroundings in a different way, and especially view it all with a smile. Yes, oh by gosh by golly, in this time of mistletoe and holly, the humor is everywhere! Even in the most unlikely settings.

P.S. The rest of the experience, once we were taken into the exam room, was characterized by some really genuinely caring people! The Nurse and the Nurse Practitioner who cared for us were concerned and professional people, who managed to meld that with a gentle sense of humor. Look out, drab world! There are good folks everywhere – right along with humor and the imagination! And we are here to take you down, drab world – down the road to laughter and lightheartedness. So stand down and prepare to be boarded, as we make it so. Resistance is futile!

(Hey, this cough syrup must be some really great stuff… Chuckling.)

The question arises: might such small experimental experiences turned tail over teacups, by imagination and humor, be good practice runs for bigger drab world glitches up ahead – even to the point of de-energizing and dismantling the drab world entirely? As a friend of mine likes to say, that is ponderable.

I would only add this thought: “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” (John 16:24) The question only remains, how often do we ask for Christ’s joy to be made manifest in situations where drab world seems to dominate?

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