November Becoming December

A little piece of art combining some poetry and digital design – in praise of our wonderful Creator’s blessings in nature – sunset, treetops, soft colors, a feeling of anticipation in the air, and an unseasonably warm November. Thank You, Heavenly Father!

Nov Becoming Dec.png

Blessings, dear visitors. Thank you for stopping by.

Sky Blossom

A visual offering today, with a little poetry to follow…

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Unfettered One.png

Might it be that, when we realize that our life is hid with Christ in God, that it brings a perspective of things that rises above the mundane, yet gives wings and meaning to life? Might this be that “far off world hung shining”?

An Earth Day Tribute To The Creator

I was born here in the Great Lakes Region, and am most grateful for this blessed location! It is and always will be part of the fabric from which I’m spun.

I spent my early morning in a nearby park. I didn’t even remember that it’s Earth Day. All I wanted was to get away from the house for awhile. Sometimes it’s these little inspirations which bless us the most of we simply say yes to them.

The river in that spot was beautiful and serene this morning. Geese were strutting about, flying overhead, swimming around and honking heartily to one another. There was other wildlife too, mostly squirrels who provide their own form of simple entertainment – the best money can’t buy!

It was rather warm at first, but then I noticed tendrils of fog dancing down the river. They looked like tall angels. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that before, even though I’ve spent a lot of time in my life by the water’s edge, either by one of the Great Lakes or their many rivers. It was eerily incredibly beautiful, breath taking even, and soon the whole river and the park were enveloped in a heavy cool white mist.

Two fishermen patiently drifted through it, as an occasional “big one that got away” leaped into the air, just out of range of their fishing lines. It had a comic element to it, as if they were teasing their persistent “stalkers” in their little bobbing craft.

By some standards this would be regarded as a boring morning, but it’s in moments like this that I’m reminded why I still live in and love the Great Lakes Region.

There’s nowhere else on Earth I’d rather be.