Sometimes life kind of stops you in your tracks, a chance to pause for the cause of reevaluating and refocusing. New Year’s Day was every bit of that for me, as I spent the day in the Emergency Room, and the night under observation due to the strong meds I was given.

2017. What will it hold? What if you could go back to a different time where living was a whole lot simpler? What time period would you choose?

If I had to do it over again, and could choose, I would choose the time period of the 1950s and 1960s, and it would never end. Only one thing would be different: I’d have the accumulated knowledge – and a little wisdom too – that I have now. I would be far more awake and a whole lot less naive.

Something to think about as 2017 unfolds.

The path before us does not look much simpler. There is no choice, other than the discovery of time travel, or any chance to go back. What my choices will be is to honor my own bywords: Simplicity, Single-mindedness, Surrender to Christ. I know that the One Who held the past of halcyon days, holds the turbulent here and now, and also holds the uncharted days ahead.

“… No turning back, no turning back.”


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