Hear ye, hear ye!

Oh, for goodness sake, America, wake up! Especially the religious component looking to Trump to be the savior of the USA, the Lone Ranger who comes riding in and single-handedly cleans up the nest of vipers!  Certainly that cleanup is something that needs to happen on an unbelievably large scale. However…

What amazes me about this phenomenon is that – in a nation that is supposed to be comprised of Constitutionally minded, thinking individuals – how so many simply are looking for a “king” or some  leader- figure to save the union, that nation which is to be of, by, and for the people. Didn’t we give up fawning over royalty right around 1776? Or did we?

Well, of course. That’s the easy way out. The king will make it all better. So, let’s go back to having a king, or even a queen this time around.

I cannot believe the foolish direction this has gone, especially with the arrival on the scene of “prophets” and “seers” (Seers and roebucks? Sorry, I could not resist. Oh deer!) claiming to have visions and prophecies about Donald Trump being God’s man of the hour.

Who knows that this isn’t some sort of mass mind control? I’m more inclined to believe that than to believe in the idea that The Donald is going to make America great again just because he says he will. Who would not like to believe that? I’d like to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny too, but…

I also don’t think I need to go into the obvious facts of her history that make Ms Clinton an undesirable choice in this election. Clearly a moot point. However, will Mr. Trump be the go to guy that single-handedly does the hokey pokey and turns it all around?

This mindset simply reveals that the Trump phenomenon may be the buy in of masses of people who, although they have access to all the information the Internet contains, simply swallow what the press feeds them without question. It is no different than what happened with Obama eight years ago, where most simply were voting against two terms of George Bush, and a smooth talking Mr. Slick comes out of nowhere at the opportune moment – where he tells people exactly what they want to hear.

I have the feeling that we’re about to be duped again. Why?

It is because, from the Christian perspective, “righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34) Prayer, repentance, a return to morality, seeking the Lord with the whole heart, humility and surrender to the mind of Christ… This is what it is going to take! We reap what we sow. Integrity of the Judeo-Christian ethic was basically the glue that held us together and was essentially taken for granted up until a relatively short time ago. Perhaps that was the fatal mistake – that we assumed that our fearless leaders would always be a cast of characters like Andy, Barney, and Aunt Bea – who had our best interests at heart and could be trusted in every and any circumstance.

But one morning we woke up and realized that Mayberry was a deserted ghost town.

The kingdom of God (where God reigns in the heart as the only King worthy of our devotion and trust) is righteousness (1st in the lineup), peace, and joy! How much of that do we see these days? To bear this fruit of the Spirit, there must be an absolutely fool proof connection between the Vine and His branches.

This is what the “prophets” ought to be proclaiming – repentance! Not promoting a mortal man who happens to be rich beyond the imagination of most of us who is going to be the savior of the USA.

Who knows? He may be well intentioned. He also may be our best shot at this point where our backs are up against the wall. From that perspective, Mr. Trump could be God’s offer to us. I won’t marginalize that possibility. Yet neither will I endorse either candidate.

Might God also be telling us, “OK, people. Here it is. I’m giving you one last chance to make your course corrections by giving you a leader who can stand in the gap for awhile. You must understand, however, that it is not all up to him, but you are going to have to do the rest of the work, seeking first My kingdom and My righteousness, and by walking in that uprightness in the fellowship and power of the Holy Spirit! Otherwise your country is going to go the way of other nations and empires from time immemorial who did not heed My will or walk in My ways – nations which left behind the power and protection of My Grace and fell in with thieves and robbers. They left Me out of all their thinking and doing. They made many gods for themselves, including the god of self indulgence and self will. Is this going to be your choice?”

Before America is made great again, she is going to have to become godly again. It must begin in the house of God, among those who are called by His Name. And there’s a big difference between being the people of God and playing church, along with adding a little “prophetic” woo woo. We must – perhaps for the first time – understand what it means to be “one nation under God”, instead of a “phenomenation” swayed to and fro by forces we have yet to acknowledge, let alone comprehend or combat skillfully with spiritual weapons of warfare on those levels.


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