Monday Rant


It’s been a surprising day, one of those days where truth becomes more important than ever – not opinions, obfuscations, games, agendas, lies, and self deception. Especially the last one. Lots of that going around.

Some honest self awareness along the line of, “Oh gosh. I really did do that & I won’t do it anymore,” would go along way. You want so called “self realization”? Well, that’s it, baby. Realize that your self is messing up and stop it. Self is the problem, not the answer! Take responsibility for your wrongs and fess up!!! Cooperate where it’s morally right and just to do so. Do the right thing. Stop lying to yourself and stop being a bur under everyone else’s saddle. God gave you a conscience. Listen to it!!!

This goes on from the personal to international level and everything in between. Makes me think this world really is some sort of cosmic detention facility. Grrrr… No it’s not all someone else’s fault!

For example, people still think this is a “Christians” only country, that the Constitution only defends the Christian religion. Problem is, when you find those same people on another convo thread, they’re busy condemning those of other Christian traditions & slamming each other and saying stuff like, “Those Catholics are not Christian… those Methodists aren’t Chritian” & so forth. Good grief! No wonder there are over 30,000 “Christian” denominations! Just which of the “Christians”, in your opinion (since that’s all it is) is meant in the 1st Amendment?

Unfortunately when no one can get along, this is why we have crooked lawyers, to “interpret” the laws for us – while we bash and litigate against one another (usually there are vast sums of money involved). Or demolish the laws entirely. And remember, most politicians were once crooked, self serving lawyers.

Shall I go on? No probably not. Had it with the lack of thinking and integrity.

I will shut up now.


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