July 4th Musings

I just returned today from the sweltering desert southwest where I visited our family. It was wonderful to enjoy their company for a week, but frankly I think that part of the country was made for rattlesnakes and scorpions, not human beings – at least not in large numbers. It certainly is not my cup of tea, although you could certainly brew one just using the heat from the sidewalks!

If the grid ever goes down, for the sake of anyone who lives there, may it not be in the deadly, relentless heat of summer! Everything and everyone there is so dependent on big energy systems for survival, much more so than many other less “climatically dramatic” places – the perfect trap for the population control bunch – you know: the ones who think there ought to be only 500 million of us worldwide. There’s just no wiggle room for that many people totally dependent on artificial systems such as water (highly fluoridated, so drinking water must be purchased or a good filter used) and electricity for cooling so many homes. As a young adult many years ago, I spent several years living in the southwest USA and had forgotten how hot it gets in the summer… Is it just my imagination, or was it actually considerably greener then? I do not recall such intense dryness.

Yet the people keep flocking there, and the developers keep building palatial homes out into the desert, further, further, and further. What I’d like to know is, in a globally faltering economy, who affords such things? And to whom are they officially in debt up to their eyeballs for the rest of their lives? Personally I cannot identify with this highly artificial and materialistic manner of living. Ah! The American dream!

That said…

The flights there and back were spectacular. What a fabulous and magnificent world our Creator Father has bestowed on us His human children! Clouds, green landscapes, mountains, forests, and even the shadows formed across the land by the clouds revealed the goodness of the divine hand – all in an intricate and delicate balance. May we continually call on Him to overthrow the vestigial remnants of darkness amidst the “powers that be” who still walk this Earth, so that all complexity, chaos, conflict, and those who promote it through propaganda, for their own ends, may no longer hold the upper hand, so that the true benevolence and freedom for which Christ Jesus has set us free, may eventually be known and embraced. May the practical purposes of our redemption in Him be at long last realized!

I will not light firecrackers or sparklers, nor will I attend any fireworks. As with so many holidays which have lost their true meaning, it is mostly just another excuse to party for those who have no idea about the cost of freedom – both in terms of our ransom by the Son of God Who loves us and gave Himself for us, or in terms of even a rudimentary understanding of the actual historical events surrounding this civil holiday called Independence Day here in the USA.

All I want to know is, when are Americans going to wake up, and what will it take to make them do so? One wonders if what is required is a game changer of epic proportions which brings about not only some “paradigm shift”, but first of all a shift in values and priorities.

What do you think?


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