“Seeker Friendly” / God’s Version

From Jeremiah 29: “And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart.” One does well to read this verse in its entire context for the full wallop it packs.

What does it mean to seek God with all your heart? This is a good point for self examination and reflection.

“But make His Kingdom and righteousness your chief aim, and then these things shall all be given you in addition.” (Matthew 6:33, Weymouth New Testament, emphases mine) This is Jesus’ own admonition in His Sermon on the Mount (to disciples, not just those who followed Him out of curiosity, or those who “believed” – as they would any other novelty, as people still do today – going after every “teacher”, or self appointed “master”, guru, pastor, priest, pope, or puppet.)

God and His kingdom are not “attractions” or “entertainment”. Dare we say it is more than being “justified”. He seeks us so that we may seek Him – with our whole heart, to be returned and restored to Him as sons who have had His image horribly disfigured in us through the Fall, in order to be restored. The terms are nothing short of full surrender so that His work may be commenced and finished!

There’s a powerful metaphysical promise at play here, where He is talking about seeking after even basic needs. God bestows these! But how seriously does anyone who names His name (“Christian”) take this? How have we applied it so as to understand and experience that it is so? How well have we taken Him at His word to realize that the teaching is not only radical but real?

Seeker friendly? With God it’s not about “customer satisfaction”. It’s about customer transformation, in surrendering oneself to the power of the Holy Spirit. And the terms? Unconditional, full surrender to Grace!


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