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Memorializing The Noble Cause

Prefacing remarks: I proceed with a heavy heart and mixed feelings, but every time there’s a military holiday, this message or one similar to it rises to the surface. This post isn’t a particularly “religious” one, but that aspect of things plays into the narrative. There’s a back story to history that every person owes it to himself and those he loves to grasp. It has to do with a hidden cast of characters acting as managers of the stage of this little world…

What I have to say at the outset by no means is meant to disparage any veteran. Every one of us (yes, I’m a Veteran, USAF, Viet Nam Era) had a way of perceiving “the noble cause” the way it’s been presented to us – as “fighting for ‘our’ freedoms”. We were all rallied to the support of “the noble cause”, if indeed some of us weren’t drafted against our will – or were even dumb enough to think that being “chosen” to be a drafted sacrifice was a good thing.

OK, first off, let’s get our military holidays straight. (Or maybe it’s not politically correct to use the word “straight” anymore in this context?)

Memorial Day (end of May on whichever day will provide people – especially legislators – with a paid day off as well as a long weekend) commemorates military personnel (currently known as “human resources” in all “corporate military complex” settings) who have become sacrifices (as in died) for “the noble cause” (whatever the cause actually is, which remains nebulous once you understand how things actually work here on Earth).

Veterans’ Day (November 11) is for Veterans still alive after their time in the military is finished, as well as those who no longer inhabit a body, or those who died in line of duty. It’s a catch all day of “remembering” persons who have been in the military.

Ever notice how much conflict and death are celebrated on Planet Earth? Does anybody ever question the assumption about the “nobility” of the cause for which people sign up to… die? Take a stroll through any park, and you will see one military monument or memorial after another. Do you ever wonder why LIFE cannot be celebrated with equal if not greater gusto?

Tell me once more WHOSE freedom our young people serve, fight, and die for? Is is really the freedom of the American people, or is it the freedom of globalist elites, bankers, corporations, and their minions to make money doing business and politicking as usual? … Or something even more nebulous which they report to?

Step back a moment. Ask the hard questions. Dare to challenge your perception of narrative. Actually observe what goes on beneath the surface of what the side show mainstream media, Hollywood talking heads, and “authority figures” tell you that you should see. They have woven a narrative that is best spelled illusion.

Unsettling? Yes. But truth ultimately afflicts the comfortable as much, if not more, than it comforts the afflicted. And that’s as it should be. We have to question everything, including ideas we’ve all been taught to blindly uphold. And it is time for the really comfortable who have gleaned the advantage through the enslavement of Humankind to become very afflicted. It is time for them to reap the harvest of all they have sown for generations, if not millennia. And quite honestly, I think they know it, so they’re running scared because the day of their accounting has arrived. So they’re ramping up their agenda.

Don’t take this wrong. I’m not another “Hanoi Jane”. I love my country and would still come to its defense – if I was convinced that’s what I was actually doing instead of playing international police force. But the question to ask is, what is our military (or any other military for that matter) used for?

Fifteen years (this go round) of endless war started by the “Bush League” has been perpetuated by the Obama administration. They just pass the baton, one party to the next. They create the “problem” to rally the troops and watch the public reaction, then provide the solution. The solution is always another war, bypassing congressional approval and funded by tax dollars which were also not approved by those who foot the bill. At the end of the day, it costs John Q. Public dearly, in terms of our wealth (taxation!) and the shedding of our dearest blood. And all it does is feed the greed of the wealthiest world bankers and their cronies and bloodlines.

Does that sound like “defending our freedoms” to you?

Just as these young men and women are about to take their places on the stage of life, something called “military duty” comes along and supplants and suppresses it, dramatically changing the dynamic of their directions and dreams, all too often to the point of death.

And now “they” are talking about re-instituting the draft, to also include our beautiful daughters whose loving hand is intended to rule the world as it once did by rocking the cradle. This is a travesty and an affront and an insult to the dignity and beauty of our daughters! For a woman’s strongest motivation is nurture, not to have a gun put in her hand to become a murderer! This is yet another move at dishonoring young women, and all young women need to comprehend this for what it really is, instead of buying into feminist bravo sierra rhetoric!

But we keep buying into the hype. And when some of us question “the noble cause” of fighting for God and country – because we are convinced that 1) God doesn’t need to be defended with ammo and tech, and 2) that it may not after all be our country’s freedom we’re fighting for, but some other hidden, nefarious agenda entirely – we are shunned as cowards, traitors, and “conspiracy theorists”. Because we resist the general acquiescence to the idea of “playing nice” and going along with “this is how we’ve always done it”, without stopping to think about the fact that we’re surrendering our finest and most promising to the foolery of a cult of death, demanding covert Human sacrifice under the guise of “the noble cause” of “defending our freedoms”!

So be it, if you don’t want to look at things as they are. But know this: this writer is not among those who claim to be “pro life” but then defends war. Both abortion and war are assaults on the children of humanity, and should be banned as murderous. If you are pro life, you should speak out against war! It is time that Humanity put away its swords and beat them into plowshares. Yet the powers that be understand that if you can get a society to acquiesce to the murder of innocents in the form of abortion, it should be no problem to get them to go to war to murder their peers.

Humanity would undoubtedly do this, since we’ve been set up as cannon fodder for elite interests and bear the brunt of the burden, in terms of suspension of life and liberty, if the majority could understand what they’re really fighting and sacrificing for!

I can see having a standing and ready army to defend our nation internally, with strong boundaries, and our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, but we should refuse to participate in this folly of war for the sake of the interests of multi national banks and corporations, or foreign interests of any sort.

Why else do so many Veterans come home as Human wreckage? They began to understand what “you’re in the army now” really means, signed on the dotted line, sworn an oath, and could not quit their “job” without being labelled deserters and traitors! The oath meant one thing to them, but quite another to those to whom they swore it! But that doesn’t hit home until that aha moment when you scream, “What the hell am I doing here?!” And then when they come home from defending “the noble cause of ‘our’ freedom”, the government they served will not even keep its part of the bargain and take care of their health needs! That is the kind of trash we’ve allowed to take over our United States of America.

No wonder the rest of the nations of the world hate us. They can see right through what American stooges for some reason cannot comprehend, and they laugh at the buffoonery of our so called leaders, in a two-party system which in truth serves one agenda and one set of overlords through cunning and coercion. (Story for another day.)

I hope this will make you, dear reader, at least start to question the narrative. Yes, it may make you feel a little crazy at first. But once that clears, one discovers that one prefers a “No Bull Cause” to “the noble cause” any day.

Becoming Other

(Prefacing remark: This is not a stamp of approval on any humanistic or trans – humanist means of “self alteration”. It is rather the offering of personal insights on the nature of inner transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.)

I think people tend to cubbyhole each other. We change, transform, “shape shift”, become “other”. Sometimes acquaintances at one point in life know you as a seed, another time as a sprout, then as a tree – to use a nature metaphor. They see you as a role, a job, a stereotype, a trait by which they identify you, or through the filters of their own perceptions. Some may mourn the passing of their image of you. Some may be downright angry about it. But you know – this is what I am just now. I cannot be what you want me to be.

They may be mildly to profoundly disappointed that you are not what you were in former days, that you no longer view things from the same perspectives you did 5, 10, 20 or more years ago. Maybe even 6 months! Or you may not have much in common anymore as far as your spirituality, politics, or interests. Some refuse to see you as other than what they want you to be. But you are no longer “birds of a feather.” And there can be many forces that contribute to this.

I have run into people who have not recognized me, who knew me “back in the day” – whichever of the “days” of my creation or metamorphosis it may have been – because I am not “that” anymore. And in a number of instances, this is an agreeable thing. I walked away from those encounters marveling – and smiling that I was “cloaked” – not by my own hand or design, but because the Supernal Creator brought me through phases where I became other, and it is perhaps a protective mechanism for His Work in those moments.

Sometimes “other” is perceived as beautiful, bold, or brave. Sometimes “other” is perceived as “You are an enigma to me.” Or even, “How dare you mangle my image of you!”

So be it. Creation is messy. You may have walked into the Supernal Studio at a peculiarly messy moment of monumental metamorphosis. God sees the vision of the outcome. This is what matters. “For we are His creatures who are created in Yeshua The Messiah for good works, those things which God had from the first prepared that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10 -Aramaic Bible in Plain English)

“Pardon my mess – still under construction”, says the sign on the door. I just show up for work. I am the work. And the work is His through the power of grace. “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as he is.” (1 John 3:2)