Want Transformation?


Be Ye Transformed .png

Guess what, “We The People”? This is what it will take to “make America great again” – each and every one being transformed from the inside out by the Holy Spirit. Each one of us receiving the redemption which has been provided for us in Christ Jesus. Each one of us getting before God in fervent prayer, to ask for His Wisdom to be “re-created” to harmonize with heaven, instead of resonating with the ways of hell… And that begins with the churches! If you’re sensing His call to you, then come to Him!

It doesn’t matter what you gave up for Lent. It won’t matter how many “religious works” or “spiritual practices” you engage in. It won’t matter how many rifles or handguns you have in your collection. It won’t matter which crooked psychopath or closet Communist politician you vote for – left or right. It doesn’t matter what brick and mortar “church” you belong to – that won’t change your heart any more than standing in a garage is going to transform you from a jalopy into a brand new Mercedes.

No, none of that will be worth a hill of beans at the end of the day. And the end of the day is here, people.

In fact after 40 plus years of the bloodshed of the innocent, in a world where people care more about stray dogs and cats than they do that the human children of God are being sacrificed on the altars of convenience, where do you think that will go in the name of a “woman’s rights”? That in itself is America’s death knell – let alone all the other wickedness being spewed out and made legal by the crooked supreme court pack of crows.

For the blood of innocents cries out for justice! It is probably too late for this nation, for the whole world. You cannot execute 1 billion babies worldwide over 40 years and expect not to reap what you’ve sown. This makes Hitler’s holocaust look like a Sunday School picnic.

You think this is too “negative”? You haven’t seen anything yet – if you’re not noticing the freight train coming down the tracks at you. America, you’ve sewn the wind. You are going to reap the whirlwind along with the rest of this world.


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