Distractions And Draconian Direction

Concerning some controversial so called “theories” out there these day, as Nixon used to say, “Read my lips” – none of that matters. And as Rhett Butler said to Scarlett in the final scene of Gone With The Wind, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Sorry, but I had to get your attention, or turn you off completely. The choice is yours. And that choice will determine whether you will be open to what I’m offering here or not.

The bottom line is, give me real facts, not conjecture, and certainly not distractions.

Some “pursuits” are little more than dis-focusing hogwash keeping us away from much larger and genuinely relevant issues. They have nothing to do with the progress of the plan of salvation on Earth, which goes way beyond the purview of what is called “religion”. This may also make you sit up and take notice, but I don’t give a fig whether the Earth is a platter or a ball. That has nothing to do with its outcome intended by its Creator. But it has for many become one big fat distraction!

My perception is that what these side shows are actually doing is pulling the focus of some otherwise very intelligent people into a very foggy world view bearing little if any resemblance to what is actually occurring. This is yet another sleight of hand to keep people from looking at the things they should be noticing – but clearly are not – like how an over reaching, unscrupulous, corrupt, amoral batch of politicians (along with popes, preachers, and other propaganda peddlers), with an ungodly, globalist domination view, in bed with the corporate military industrial complex, are making ever increasing incursions on our freedoms and the dismantlement of the Law of the Land, the US Constitution, with a view to full world control.

Every one of these distractions is a side show – whether it’s the latest “scientific” theory, or the Super Bowl, entertainment of all sorts, or – yes – even the Presidential Reality Show comically referred to as “debates” and “primaries” and “elections”. Meanwhile the beat goes on. What a convenient time to bring on more distractions – like an X Files return, or even a new Paramount Star Trek venture. Sure, why not? Nothing like more woo woo to distract the entertainment besotted public. This is some great strategy, one must admit.

People cannot entirely be blamed for this, since most of us have gotten conned early on in life, into the entanglements of the average work-a-day Joe or Jane. And we became hamsters on the wheel ever after.

Somewhere along the line, some of us woke up and realized – through some sort of wake up call or another – that our lives actually consisted of the focus of our resources and abilities being funneled into someone else’s agenda (usually a big business corporation). My wake up came shortly before I retired (subject for another day). But when it did, it set me on a course to aim the rest of my life into finding out meaningful truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

You have no idea how entangled you were until you are compelled (both inwardly and outwardly) to leave behind that entanglement. Then you become aware that your so called retirement is not going to be lived on some leisure cruise or golf course, or even in an idyllic peaceful simplicity. But thank God for that! We are not created for boredom, distraction, or entertainment, but for meaningful contribution, not for the indulgence of self but for others.

But who cares, right? No matter what sector it comes from – whether so called science, entertainment, sports, airy fairy pseudo-spirituality, or whatever – the agenda means keeping the public distracted from noticing what really impacts their lives, and that most have a meaning and purpose which may never be attained, as long as they remain in the illusion.

We’ve been talked into being slaves, not entrepreneurs. We’ve become consumers, not creators and producers. This has been set into motion by a calculated and very long term plan (by entities that hate who we are and who hate our God given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness). The cold, calculated agenda is to undermine all self determination and liberty, no matter which political “party” is in control. So, where do you think that will end up?

The first step in breaking free of enslavement to consumerism is to face yourself with two questions: Who am I really? Why in Heaven’s name am I here on Earth? You may be shocked to discover that you’ve been railroaded into a parallel reality where you’ve been seriously short changed due to “ignore-ance” of something vastly, almost unimaginably wonderful in scope and meaning. And there may be a lot of intense work ahead, as well as preparation, to break free of the old, uncover the new, and learn how to be in that newness!

The distractions will not provide the answers. Only two things will, and they are something that most avoid like Superman avoids Kryptonite: intentional silence and prayerful introspection…

At which point – if you dare to undertake them – you will discover that even other people’s opinions (family, church, friends, co workers…) may be still more distractions which keep you from not only yourself, but from your part in the reality you really came here to understand and to deal with.

When you figure that out, you’ve take the first steps to freedom.

What’s needed is THE REALLY BIG VISION:

“Where there is no vision (no redemptive revelations of God), the people perish; but he who keeps the law (of God, which includes that of man), blessed, happy, fortunate (and enviable) is he.” – Proverbs 29:18, Amplified Bible.


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