Have You Considered…?

Have you considered making art or music or writing as being a means of connecting with the Creator, and thereby accessing not only relaxation, but greater awareness, inner healing, and maybe even being able to recognize that Still Small Voice letting you know of His relentless Love for you?

I realized last evening while working on some art ( viewable here: http://yvonne-blasy.pixels.com/featured/tendrils-of-light-yvonne-blasy.html ) that there’s nothing like some “digital doodling” to let go of the day!

Little is more relaxing for me than “weaving pixels of light” while listening to uplifting yet relaxing music in the background. (That’s often my art m.o. these days…) The process is quite freeing as well as enjoyable. This is one of my favorite ways to drift and release the stresses of the day before going to sleep. The music can match your mood. I like to use one of my Pandora stations that I’ve dubbed “Deep Relaxation” to provide the needed sound energy ambience, in order to actually unwind at the end of a day.

It also serves well to put one’s mind into the space of sacred creativity, connecting prayerfully and reverently to the mind of the Creator… “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.” (John 1:3)

These are just a few thoughts and visuals to bless your Sunday, dear visitor. Everyone is creative in some way. One of my least favorite things I hear people announce over themselves is “Oh, I’m not creative.”

Might it simply be that, although we may not wind up with a private showing with some swanky gallery in New York, a simple thing like doodling might relax and open us up enough to access some dormant idea or gift? It may not be related at all to what we consider as “the arts”, but your creativity may be there in the form of an idea or a consideration of direction you’ve never noticed before.

Never marginalize your ability to create, dear unknown friend! We’re made in the image of God, Who is first and foremost recognized as Creator and Father of our spirits!

Consider… Contemplate… Create. Certainly the world could use some new ideas and directions. Is there something unique that you alone may have been sent here to Earth Mission 1 to offer or provide? The Creator may have a bigger vision for you than you’ve had for yourself.

Or it could be that He simply wants to let you know He loves you unconditionally.

Walk with Him. There’s so much freshness, refreshing, newness of life and Love to be experienced along His Way.


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