Meme-ography: Have You Had Your Meme-ogram?

OK, warning. This is way off subject for my usual material. A cross between a lament and a rant. I wrote it because I don’t like what I see happening to the human race especially via “free” electronic social media. Here goes… My pet peeve: memes!

This afternoon I noticed a meme that was being passed along, “Share something today, other than your opinion.” OK here’s my opinion on that opinion. Deal with the fact that it’s MY opinion – not dependent on anyone else’s cuteness or cleverness.

How about actually sharing your own thoughtful opinion on (name a subject) instead of passing around other people’s opinions – as in the case of this meme, which is ACTUALLY ENCOURAGING YOU TO NOT HAVE AN OPINION THAT IS YOURS. Do you see what this is telling you to do in a very subtle way? And when you hit “like” you are assenting to this and affirming it, thus embedding it into your mind. No! No! No!

Think about it. What if we all got together to have lunch, and all we did was hold up placards with memes or sayings on them, instead of catching up on life through conversation? How would that be? (Oh I forgot, everyone is praying to their iPhone with head bowed at the table. Skip the placards.) Conversation is out of the question. However, once the moment of silence is passed, here’s what we’ll do: When I hold up my placard, just hit the red “like” button on the table directly in front of you, and smile. We will all get along just fine! The perfect Pleasantville luncheon.

This is supposed to be “social” media. Nothing could be further from the truth, given the fact that there is little human conversational interaction.

And as far as most “conversation threads” go (considering especially YouTube here), it seems like more of a battle zone, where people seem to be under the impression that they have the duty to bash, criticize, and vilify one another with the most derogatory language. (The worst ones are the religious ones. They seem to have their own holy wars raging.)

Is anybody actually thinking, talking, and interacting? Or are many simply being programmed to give the ditto head nod to memes, or simply go into reactionary mode? People! We go deeper than that! We are not Borg; we are Hu-man, and we need not be assimilated by the collective cyber-mind created by the Dumber-Downers who think of us as the “herd”.

So, how about this for an idea: graduating from the reptilian brain, and even the mammalian brain, “heading on” (if you’ll pardon the pun) into the cerebral cortex, we press forward, in order to engage in some actual rational thought suitable for constructing sentences so as to create conversations? (Or at least consider what a post actually means or implies before sharing it.)

I seldom use email for the same reasons thus far stated. It’s mostly all junk mail. Maybe I should just shut up and get off Facebook too. Here’s another opinion from yours truly: “hashtags” might well be better labelled as “re-hashtags”.

PS: Thanks to all who actually do post something that comes straight from your heart and your day, pertaining to updates about your life or what you’re thinking about. These tiny candles in the darkness do provide the flicker of hope that humankind has a chance of not being swallowed into the abyss of electronic social programming.

Sometimes I wonder if this “free” service isn’t being used to determine things about us, as we’re sized up, quantified, standardized, and eventually marginalized as to our “market value”… Did you ever think of it that way?

I know – you think I’m crazy for posting this. Newsflash: You’re entitled to your opinion. Long live the thinking person capable of rendering an opinion uniquely his or her own!

Hey! That’s you!


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