Waking Up Is Hard To Do (2)

Nothing profound here, but…

OK, peeps. Here it is. We’re under literal siege worldwide from a number of directions: ISIS Muslim militants infiltrating the government, flooding across the borders of Western countries, and attacking everywhere, chemtrails in the sky and air, fluoride in the water, GMO’s and other chemicals in the food, and Big Gov / Big Pharma Literally HELL BENT on injecting us & our children full of useless toxins (vaccines) which actually kill, maim, sicken, and render sterile.

Then there’s abortion on demand, right on the heels of the con game of convincing our young kids about the nobility of war which actually defends no one’s freedom except those who prophet by it.

I won’t even go into the moral hogwash we’ve allowed to be perpetrated on us.

In case you didn’t notice, we’ve been plunged into a culture of dissolution and death. (But that’s OK, go have another latte and shop till you drop.) Perpetuate the problem. It’s only your kids and your grandkids who’ll have to live with the results because you refused to step up to the plate and do anything about it.

Newsflash: the American dream has turned into the American nightmare. (Or is it just that the mask is slipping as to who’s really behind that idea?) The least that can be done is to wake up. Although waking up is hard to do.

But no one questions this… If you think it’s not so, you’re the one with the tinfoil hat, and you need to open your eyes and educate yourself.

This is not going to get better. And no one – like the “friendly space brothers” – is going to “save” you from it.

So I suggest – get quiet, real quiet. Get right with your Maker, and refer to the Owner’s Manual. You can find the answers there.


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