The Voyage Ahead

This is a word of encouragement on a day when we recall the famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) voyage of 1492. Let’s transform the past into our own message – one of a positive outlook now and for the future – beginning here and now.

Attention: The voyage ahead may not be easy. There really may be some doom, gloom, and uncharted space which challenges all our navigational capabilities, and the willingness to move forward undaunted. Yet – we are commissioned, challenged, and charged to boldly go where we have never gone before. The unknown may be before us, but so is the Unlimited.

Everything else up till now has been essentially “Star Fleet Academy”. We’ve been given every opportunity at proficiency for handling all potentialities, including whatever may seem like a Kobiashi Maru! Hopefully we have taken advantage of what has been offered to us on a conscious level. Much of the preparation, however, has been accomplished within, by divine grace – at levels of which we may not have even been aware. We – humanity – are not space cadets any longer. The mission is upon us.

We may think we’re being asked to learn how to sail into the midst of hell’s maelstrom, with Khan starboard, Klingons port, Romulans aft, and the Borg ahead. Hopelessness need not rule the day in spite of appearances. It will only seem so if we insist on spiritual mutiny. Fear not, the True Captain is on the bridge. He is infinitely wise beyond anything we can imagine, and more powerful than any adversary. Therefore let us lighten the load and jettison the cargo of fear. We sail forward in faith. And let us affirm now and always, there is Good in this and it will be shown to us. Indeed Good is, always has been, and ever shall be our destiny!

Therefore, when the Captain says, “Boldly go”, let us make it so!


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