So, You Think There’s No Such Thing As Evil?

This entry is off the cuff, unplanned. I don’t usually post anything directly dealing with current events. That m.o. may need to change because what we’re looking at here is pure evil and it needs to be exposed and addressed. There’s no other way to put it, no other way around it.

Oh sure, some will say, “We must not judge”, to which my reply is, “You mean to tell me you’re so seared of conscience that you cannot discern between what’s clearly right and what’s clearly wrong? I’m sure many prophets of God heard the same “half truth” (whatever that is!) as rebuttal to their addressing the wickedness which had overtaken the people of God who had on several occasions take up child sacrifice. I’m by no means equating myself with a prophet, but doesn’t Scripture direct us who claim to be “Bible believers” and disciples of Jesus Christ to, “… not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them“? (Ephesians 5:11)

Or is it that some simply want to ignore the truth because it’s too troubling?” We live in a time when the current relativism of “opinions” has gotten us into a moral and metaphysical jam, quite frankly – as in sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. In fact, what is seen in the attached video is not only disturbing; it’s absolutely criminal! Not everything that is legal (or not covered by corrupt and ungodly “laws” made by ungodly law makers) is moral. Let’s get that through our “liberal” little heads! Which drummer do you dance to – the world or Christ? That is the question! The unborn in this video did not have even the chance to answer whether “to be or not to be” is the question!

Frankly I don’t see how people live with themselves who are involved every day with what’s pictured in this video. It’s not only inhuman. It’s frankly diabolical.

How low we have sunk to allow this to go on! And you think the USA is not about to reap what is being sown here to the tune of thousands a day, ever since 1973? The blood of innocents cries out to God!

Yes, I know – everybody likes posts that are all “sweetness and light”, but that’s not always where truth is. We like to sing “How Great Thou Art” to ourselves! Get real, people.

Oh, did I forget that we’re not our brother’s keeper anymore? “It’s not my business. Just bring me my next beer or my mocha latte. I’m late for my massage followed by my pedicure… I don’t have time for this.” Nor do we defend those who have no voice to defend themselves.

This video covers conversations between Planned Parenthood employees and buyers for “research” companies, covering a discussion on how they need to agree to lie and what verbiage to use to delude the public as to what Planned Parenthood is really up to. Watch and weep.

Beware. At 8 minutes 57 seconds it gets pretty graphic! So if you are faint of heart or stomach, you’ve been forwarded. What’s more disgusting than torn up body parts is the cavalier attitude of the people laughing and going about business as usual in the “lab”.

On a follow up video with a White House Press Secretary, an atheist comments, “This is the most outrageous thing I’ve ever heard from a White House Press Secretary. I seriously can’t believe it. They’re leaving it up to the company being accused to clear themselves of wrong doing? Seriously? They didn’t watch the videos and label them extremists based again on the word of Planned Parenthood?? REALLY? I voted for Obama twice. I’m an atheist and was prochoice until I watched ALL of the video.”

Kudos to this person! He’s at least had his eyes opened and is taking a stand for what’s right, which is more than what many who claim the name of Christ are doing. Where’s your prophetic voice, church?


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