Psalm 25:15

Psalm Twentyfive Verse Fifteen

If ever there were a time for rising to higher perspectives, for putting on the Mind of Christ, for overcoming by the word of our testimony (Revelation 12:11), that time is now.

I would offer that one of the ways to do this, which personally I find very useful and helpful, is to use the most ancient truths from Scripture, such as seen here in Psalm 25:15 or other Scripture promises or truths, and combine it with an artistic rendering. I love making these electronically. “Something old, something new…” come together as an expression that certainly brings inner peace to the artist, but also hopefully blesses the beholder.

Making art is a way I have personally found to be a means of meditating on the Word of God in a rather focused yet relaxed way, as it blends with color. It is like being a brush in God’s hand, where He is once more making things with light, as it was in the beginning.

I’m mostly sharing from a personal perspective here today, as an artist. This practice of intentionally making art as a way of connecting to God and to truth seems to facilitate the mind as it rises out of cares, fears, circumstances, and the nebulous sense of dread that seems to have seized our little blue green planet and its people these days.  I find that I can understand current events and acknowledge them, without sticking my head in the sand and pretending something is not happening, while still – through the truth of the written word – enter into a prayerful state while creating art. It becomes affirmation, worship, and the acknowledgement that God is still in charge – in spite of “evidence” to the contrary.

So, dear reader, I’m hoping you will be blessed with this artistic offering and the heart felt blessing that is sent along with it, especially on this Monday. May it not be merely a mundane Monday for us all, but enriched with the Presence, refreshing, wisdom, and inspirations of the Holy Spirit, as we turn to the One Who can pluck our feet out of the net.

Until next time,

Only a Messenger


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