My Pitch For Earth Day

No this is not my usual style or subject matter. However…

Since everyone is on the bandwagon today, I thought I’d join in with my perspectives. So here we are, Some are out there promoting how badly we’ve done, and scolding us wee folk directly or indirectly as to “our” carelessness of “mother” earth. My take is – here’s who you should be preaching to. What I say and how it’s said does not apply to all. But if the shoe fits, wear it.

When it comes to “saving the earth”, preach that to the globalists, who’ve run the show for longer than anyone can imagine. Say it to their minions who are trashing this world with chemtrails and geo-engineering among other things. What unfolds now consists of their very long awaited goals, now ramped up to 21st Century speed and technologies. Patience after all is the strong suit of both predators and scavengers, who frankly want the whole carcass for themselves. Never mind hypocritical pretenses cloaked as the “greater good” of all.

Preach it to corporate Big Med/Pharma with their chemical filled untested vaccines & drugs fast tracked on human populations. These are now being forced on care givers and others who have no say as to whether to accept a dangerous drug being injected into them – under threat of losing their jobs. Preach it to government agencies and pseudo scientists who support these obfuscations.

Preach it! Yes! Let them know how many kids suffer from autism, brain damage, and other horrific conditions caused by vaccines. Let them know how many adults have been vaccine injured, sickened, and crippled. Let them know you understand the Nuremberg Codes (you do, don’t you?) which they have violated. Let them know their prescriptions and treatments, taken as directed, kill 200,000 people a year… But that’s OK – it’s all just “acceptable collateral damage”.

Tell it to the abortion and population control lobbies, whose holocaust activities since 1973 in the U.S. alone have made what Hitler did look like a Sunday School picnic, in terms of the most fragile with no voice, whose rights and very lives have been taken from them before they saw the light of day. Let them know you see their clinics set up in poor and minority neighborhoods and that you know it’s part of their planned genocide – of the same minorities they pretend to defend.

Tell it to the multi-national corporations with their enslaving sweat shops set up among the poor all over the world, with the accompanying pollution, enslavement and decimation of populations, customs, cultures, and resources. These places are such great opportunities (7 days a week at $1.50 a day) that suicide nets have to be set up around the factory windows to break the fall of any intending the ultimate escape.

Preach it to Monsanto and the rest of the Frankenfood and chemical-petrol industries, with their poisonous genetic manipulation and chemical trashing of the food supply. Stop criticizing people who are forced to buy this garbage, because they can’t afford to pay $6 for an organic bell pepper in some exclusive organic food store.

Tell it to the trans-humanist bunch who’d love nothing better than to create a slave race of living machines, with your consciousness downloaded into some sort of living techno-skin, or even a computer. Think I’m kidding? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, baby.

Preach the green dogma to the UN and its Agenda 21, with its plans for control of all global resources and the human population (where the green agenda came from in the first place), soon to arrive in a town near you, if it hasn’t already.

Preach it to Al Gore, Supreme Grand Pontiff of the green movement, with his religion called environmentalism, and let him know you’re on to the ruse. Tell him to observe Earth Day by letting his private, polluting, fuel guzzling jet stay in the hangar as a museum piece for the rest of its days, as a memorial to the war once waged upon humanity.

Tell it to local community organizers that you know they’re poisoning your water with fluoride, and that this stuff was used by the Nazis in the concentration camps to instill docility in their prisoners. Tell them to stop sedating you with it!

Tell it to the public education sector using Common Core (or its other pseudonyms) as psychological programming to “transform” our children into worker drones who’ll fit like little cogs in the machine of a globally manipulated society, rather than honoring and nurturing the development of individual human children who contribute their God given creativity and talents to answers and real progress for humanity.

Let the corporate world know that you know (you do know, don’t you?) corporations are legally regarded as “individuals”, and have more rights than you do – because they have the power, influence, and money to skew the laws to their advantage and their bottom line – even to the point where they can’t get sued, in the case of vaccines for example, for damages to consumers of their products, except through some kangaroo court set up by their puppet “elected” government officials, where it takes years to attain a hearing.

Tell it to the military and the countless soldiers, other personnel, grieving families, and especially broken veterans denied their benefits – who’ve bought into the lie that they’re defending their country’s freedoms, when the truth is that the only freedoms they’re defending is that of the freedom of the globalists, who think nothing of planetary or population destruction, as long as it serves their bottom line (money), power, and control.

Let your so called representatives, politically in bed with all the foregoing and more, on both sides of the aisle, know that you’re sick and tired of this charade and you intend to expose them, get them kicked out of office, impeached, arrested where necessary and imprisoned for crimes against humanity – because they did not act on behalf of We The Wee People, for whom they supposedly work… If you think that communicating with self serving borderline psychopaths will do any good. Rub their corruption in their faces, and for God’s sake, at least don’t elect any of them back into office – especially the current ones who think themselves worthy of a lifetime reign.

And when you’ve dug in your heels, asked the hard questions, stopped buying their baloney, and done some real honest research into what’s been in place for a very long time, and how it’s killing off many of us, but then turning around and blaming us for the destruction of this world – then come back and tell me to plant a tree or a flower, and apologize to future generations for all that I have been blamed for doing to the environment.

Tell the Press-titutes who are mouthpieces bought and paid for by the foregoing, that you know who signs their paychecks, and that they have been pimped out to promote what their puppet masters want them to say. Tell them you’re not going to listen to their news programs, nor will you buy into their sleight of hand tricks that pull your focus toward more minor happenings (like the bravo sierra going on in Follywood, the other elite entrainment, er… entertainment mouthpiece) when major events are unfolding in the world – such as hundreds of “executive orders” you’re not privy to because you were focused on gay marriage or some starlet’s latest fling.

So shut off the boob tube and the trendiness and the flow of television sewage, and start using your God given brain to think and to question everything. More importantly get answers and real honest-to-God truth. Learn how to distinguish between truth and propaganda.

Practice what you preach: go join some off grid preppers in the wilds, who actually have set themselves up to live life as it was 150 years ago. See how you like it. There’s no Starbuck’s on the corner, and your nails will get dirty. Go do what you claim to advocate. And stop trying to make the rest of us look like a bunch of criminals.

Maybe when you unearth the real root of things, it will be understood that this is where the axe needs to be laid. If reading this makes you mad, good. People won’t do anything until they finally say, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” Yes, waking up is hard to do.

Personally nothing makes me madder than to suddenly realize that I’m being accused of spoiling the earth for future generations, and to keep hearing it from people who’ve bought into the green agenda, when somebody with a lot more guns, money, and influence than any of us has been doing that all along – then blames us wee folk for it.

Last of all, look up the Georgia Guidestones. When you understand the implications of the so called ideals engraved upon this American Stonehenge, and you can live with that, then by all means, please feel free to go to the head of the line for what is advocated there, if you’re still buying into “green”.

And by all means, tell me how “negative” I’m being because none of this makes you feel good. Believe me, if we don’t come to a consensus in truth, what’s up ahead for all of us is going to feel a lot worse than anything I could ever say to try to get you to be aware of it… After all, it’s not easy being green.


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