Ferreting Out New Age Deception

As someone who stumbled into the New Age movement after I was born again, and got mired in it for about 12 years, it’s important for me to share some things that I learned over those years, in hope that other unsuspecting Christians won’t get sucked into it. At the outset let me just offer that the New Age movement is where the dark side likes to pal up to nice people with a spiritual heart. If he couldn’t sink your ship with overt sin, then he gets out the subtle deceptions.

The bottom line to keep in mind when discerning any of these things is this: demonically inspired false religions or teachings eagerly and often subtly convince people that sin is not a problem, and that they do not need a Savior.

Pray continually for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all things, and for discernment on teachers or teachings! Here are a few basic clues, in the form of questions that can be asked when encountering “new” ideas – especially many web posts, You Tube videos, and thousands of websites that support these “new old” ideas. Be aware of the red flags within. Ask prayerfully:

  • Do they speak of Jesus as God incarnate, the Shepherd who became the Lamb to seek and to save the lost sheep, or is He simply marginalized as another great teacher, master, avatar, or just a symbol who didn’t really exist?
  • Do they acknowledge sin as rebellion against God resulting in separation from Him, and consequent fall and entrapment to the devil, the world, and the flesh? Or do they redefine it as something that really isn’t that important, such as a “mistake” or just being “disconnected from love”?
  • Do they acknowledge the need for salvation?
  • Do they embrace what I like to call the “3 R’s: Reconciliation to God, Redemption through Jesus Christ, and Restoration by the power of the Holy Spirit”?
  • Do they teach repentance?
  • Do they clearly proclaim the Cross for what it is (more than a symbol)?

Realize how subtle deception is in these days! The devil, whose works Jesus Christ came to destroy, was given the eviction notice at Calvary when we were ransomed by the Blood of the Lamb. So expect things to become stranger and stranger as the “end of the occupation” unfolds. He and his minions have had thousands of years to develop their propaganda and lies. So call upon the Lord for discernment and wisdom, and learn to wield the weapons of our warfare, which are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of fortresses!

Think: Scripture! Prayer! Holy Spirit!

Remember that your enemy is very, very real. He has a lot of mouthpieces out there these days promoting – to the undiscerning – that he either does not exist, or that he may even be the good guy in the story.

Surrender your life and your will to the Lord Jesus Christ continually, that He may guide you and gift you with His Righteousness and His Wisdom. The Holy Spirit is given to those who ask, and teaches us all things, as well as bringing to mind all that Jesus taught us as He walked this lonesome valley as one of us!

Examine yourself to see whether you are in the faith. This cannot be done often enough. Stay in God’s revealed Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to help with understanding it. God willingly gives His wisdom to those who ask! Study and pray with other sincere and awake believers – learn and discern together.

Awaken! Observe the trends and politics of Earth from the high ground of the Kingdom of Heaven. Watch and pray always. Promote and live what is right in the eyes of God. Remember with and in Jesus – My kingdom is not of this world; I must be about my Father’s business; I am an ambassador of reconciliation; in Christ I only say and do what I hear my Heavenly Father saying and doing; My eye, heart, mind and strength are “single” in this, as I love not the world, nor do I serve mammon, but God alone.


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