Where Is Your Treasure? There Is Your Heart

Living is in the giving, not the getting and the hoarding. Therefore, cease listening to worldly men who do not know Me and are full of mixed messages. They claim to represent My kingdom, but their way is of the world, and they have brought it into the religious systems. Their intentions may be good, but they have their priorities backwards as far as the Kingdom of Heaven is concerned, as they encourage others to store up material riches for themselves, and move through life based upon the trends of a world and a finite reality which always changes and passes away.

When I say, lay not up treasures on earth, that is exactly what I mean. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. My “law” is far different than the recommendations of the worldly wise, yes, even the ones in the churches who fly under the banner of “good stewardship”. Always ask yourself, how does Jesus direct on these matters? For as the entire world goes into financial collapse, it will not matter how much money, gold, or silver you have; it will be worthless.

Follow the heavenly wisdom, not the way of the world, for the world is passing away, and everything that you have known to be “normal” is dissolving. Indeed it must be so. Wise is the one who lays up spiritual treasure, for there no moth nor rust can have its way; neither can the thief come in to rob and destroy.

You are of My Kingdom which is not of this world. Neither are its ways governed by the world. My people are to live free of its strangleholds and its beliefs in scarcity. For have I not taught you that I came to show you the way to abundant life? And if that is so, then it is imperative to learn how our kingdom works, what its principles and laws are. My way is the path of freedom. It is not found in clinging to the mammon you were never created to serve or to possess – through which evil can possess you as a lure to love it.

Let it alone. Trust in Me to sustain you. Those who are attached to having and hoarding will call foolish those who love Me and desire with their whole heart to follow Me in all things, even to the relinquishment and renunciation of the material goods which control the world.

It is in giving you receive. Our Father is always giving forth. He never thinks about what He can get. Are you not created in His image? He directs us to consider the lilies, the grass of the field, and the birds of the air, who are more than amply provided for in their simple estate in life and in their purposes amongst all things. This is how I lived when I walked among men, by divine principle and understanding, even in the midst of a perverse generation. I lead you now in the same Way. I direct you to seek first the Kingdom of our Father and his righteousness; all else will follow.

So I ask you again, where is your treasure? For there is your heart.


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