Practical Ways To Live Long And Prosper

This is a holistic compilation of some things I have learned over the years for enhancing life, and many are still works in progress. I admit to being “in practice” and not “perfect” on many points, yet I hope you will not mind my offering them.

  1. Put God first – have a spiritual practice first thing in the morning. Then trust, pray, meditate, seek only truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, even if it’s painful. Surrender your life and ego-will to Him. Keep that hotline open to the Man Upstairs at all times. Always seek God in all things. He runs the Universe, not you. Meditate on the serenity prayer and apply it.
  2. Keep on the sunny side.
  3. Be a giver, not a taker, or a scavenger. Give and it is given to you.
  4. Practice gratitude continually and consistently.
  5. Be an encourager and someone who expresses appreciation. So shall it be to you.
  6. Practice honor, respect, and integrity. Life will then give them back to you.
  7. Be willing to apologize and own up to offenses. This is the first lesson in humility and the secret gift it is will make itself known to you.
  8. Practice loving people you don’t like and who don’t like you.
  9. Catch yourself when making excuses, and stop doing it. (That includes the remark preceding this one.)
  10. Never make New Year’s resolutions.
  11. Learn about real nutrition: your food is either your death or your medicine.
  12. Stay away from processed and junk foods.
  13. Eat organic, whole foods whenever possible.
  14. Avoid most grains.
  15. Learn about healthy fats and include them in your diet.
  16. Eliminate sweets and starches entirely, especially when processed and/or refined.
  17. Read labels on the food you are about to buy.
  18. Avoid all fast foods.
  19. Drink a little red wine. If it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for you.
  20. Coffee doesn’t hurt either!
  21. Keep it simple – in foods and in life.
  22. Do 30 minutes a day moderate cardio exercise. Walking is great.
  23. Get fresh air and sunlight daily.
  24. Keep as unstressed as possible.
  25. Get the amount of sleep you need during the hours you need it. Not everyone is an early bird! Create the day that is right for you.
  26. Stay off the computer for 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep. It can be a source of agitation and radiation causing insomnia. Same goes for television, or the iPhone, or the iPad, etc.
  27. Stop listening to the news. Most of it is propaganda. If anything important goes down that effects you, you’ll know it soon enough. Make your own news. Practice creativity.
  28. Read the classics…
  29. Avoid, leave behind, and never return to toxic relationships. Learn when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. That includes not only personal relationships but organizations and jobs which no longer work.
  30. Shun all arguing. There are no winners. Conflict is futile.
  31. Stay out of controversial things you cannot control.
  32. Surround yourself with “upbeat rather than the beat up” people. That doesn’t mean being unsympathetic; it means ferreting out perpetual whiners. Be up beat yourself and the universe will smile upon you.
  33. Study alternative health modalities and apply them.
  34. Avoid all vaccines and pharmaceuticals.
  35. Drink pure filtered un-fluoridated water when thirsty. The 8 glasses a day thing may do more harm than good.
  36. Keep yourself and your environment simple and clean without being fanatical about it.
    Don’t be afraid to say no to your doctor. You are in charge of your health. You pay the doctor, not the other way around. Allopathic medicine is a religion. Study its history and its tenets. If you are comfortable with that, then buy in without asking questions.
  37. Think for yourself. Try it. You’ll like it. It is invigorating.
  38. When it comes to making changes in life, let them unfold; do not force them.
  39. Take up a new “path of creativity”. Choose one positive thing that you can do differently and practice it until it is a habit. It will unfold other changes that will bless you.
  40. Learn the difference between “I’ll do everything possible” and “I’ll do everything I can.” There is a big difference, and eventually you’ll change the message you tell yourself.
  41. Read this list and the Sermon on the Mount every day. They will seed themselves in your consciousness and more than enhance your life.
  42. Heal yourself with music.

4 thoughts on “Practical Ways To Live Long And Prosper

    • Thanks for the comment. These tips are personal ones I try to stick with. Some people tend to gain weight easily on grains (that would be me, & I’m just about an addict when it comes to grain products of any kind). Also many of the Genetically Modified crops are grains, especially corn, which is used for fillers in processed foods (modified corn starch or corn syrup are a couple of names that come up). Thus goodness knows what is going into the body with that, as well as the gluten intolerance a lot of people experience with grain consumption. Also if you research the Paleo Diet or other essentially lo carb eating plans, it seems to show that eating grains, which are carbohydrate dense, tends to make people gain weight, especially within the context of the fairly “dense” American diet. There is some evidence as well that carbs are the real culprits more than fats in cardiovascular diseases. So I struggle with keeping that out of my diet. Hope that cleared up your question, and thanks again for your comments. Blessings and God’s Good on you.

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