Perceiving With Eyes Of Faith

Here’s an affirmation which I pray will jumpstart your week in positive, creative, victorious, and innovative directions, based upon being a new creation in Jesus:

Seeing with the eyes of faith means seeing into God’s greater reality, where – in Christ – all things have been made new. Consequently I am able to affirm that life is continually full of blessing and opportunities to understand and receive all the Love that God has prepared for me, which may not be immediately perceived by my mortal mind and senses, but make themselves known as I ask for Wisdom which God never refuses to give. In Christ I understand that I already have been raised up into heavenly places, thus bringing me into God’s Presence, profound peace that surpasses human comprehension, and His highest good, which are continually available to me.

Using affirmations can help lift up our consciousness into where God has placed us actually and spiritually in Jesus Christ and through His redemptive work. Reminders about our greater reality in Jesus can bolster our faith in times when so much else seems to work to tear it down… Best to all this new week, as we take a positive faith stand for who, what, and where we are in our Lord Jesus Christ!

A word of caution about affirmations: We build affirmations based on our higher truth in Christ, not on fantasies that we think ought to come true created by the mortal mind. Affirmations can be good springboards for contemplating all that God has created us for, and all that God has created for us. They need to be grounded in the view of faith, not wishful thinking.

Have a fabulous week, friends, affirming you greater reality in Jesus Christ. Good on you!


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