Where’s My Focus?

“…whatsoever things are lovely, …think on these things… and the God of peace shall be with you.” [For full passage see Philippians 4:8,9]

I have become aware that all the hype over various aspects of “brave new world” threats, be they ever so true or not, is having a deleterious effect on my consciousness and spiritual life. And I think my health as well! There’s such an overwhelming drive from the world of the finite-minded to focus on the dark side. Being a part of humanity, it feels like a mighty big rip tide – you may not know it’s there until it pulls you into its undertow.

Jesus and the Apostles had a lot to say about attitude adjustments necessary for getting one’s head above those waters. When I was making some art last night, the work itself reminded me that “…whatsoever things are lovely, …think on these things… and the God of peace shall be with you.” It was so uplifting, and so soothing to focus on beauty and creativity for a change through making art! I “re-realized” how healing art can be, and I need to get back to my focus on that, for “where the focus goes, the energy flows.”

It would seem that a major focus preoccupation of the majority of people these days is aimed at making the energy flow into a great many dark constructs, and all the while the challenges loom greater and greater, while a lot of people ask, “Where did all this come from, and why is it so bad?” Could it be because we flow our combined thought energy into it and continue to energetically support it that things have escalated to this level?

Might we just even entertain the question, what if [that wonderful what if!] we just put a lid on all the reactionary responses, and try another approach? What if we actually followed the Biblical directive to “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth”? [Colossians 3:2] After all, the times in which that was penned were probably far worse than the times in which we find ourselves.

We can drive ourselves crazy and into panic by not remembering the essence of the Serenity Prayer – that we need to realize that there are some things that we cannot change, at least not at the same level of consciousness that created them in the first place. Spiritual transformation comes not just on an individual basis, but has to do also with the collective human “race consciousness” – how most of the world sees things and reacts to them.

So that poses the question, which consciousness have I been participating in most – Christ Consciousness [God’s viewpoint and directives concerning matters at hand] or the consciousness of the vast majority of mortal humankind perceiving itself as separated from its Supernal Source and limited by all sorts of things?

I was doing a lot of soul searching on that today, after creating art [see link below] with the intention of bestowing a visual of beauty, balance, and hope. Such “thinking on whatsoever is lovely” works wonders on both the creator of the art and the creation of the art! And hopefully it will also then impact the beholder of the art.

This is why it’s extremely important to be surrounded as much as possible by beautiful art, music, and harmonious environments. It is also important as much as possible to discover one’s creative gifts, and develop those. It is tragic when people say, “I’m not creative.” If you say that, you’ve just possibly talked yourself out of an entire new worldview!

No, not everyone is artistic or musical, but everyone has some creative aspect of himself to tap into and bring it out into life. When we focus on that, we’re not feeding into the darkness, but on the goodness God has for us! It’s just plain good for the mind, emotions, and body to engage in creative pursuits – because it draws us upward into the Divine Presence where there are answers to life’s perplexities and healing for every level of our being – spirit, mind, emotions, and body.

To view art mentioned in this post please go to:


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