Beside Still Waters

It is in the stillness that you become aware of Me and of hearing Me. Have you forgotten how to hear Me?

So often people go about muttering to themselves, either inwardly or verbally. If they’re not doing that – usually over something that annoys them – then they are surrounding themselves in fields of sound negativity, with noise that is not fit to be called music. Or else there is radio, television, or incessant chatter. Most of the devices of the electronic age are also designed to keep people in a state of constant agitation and motion. These inventions even create a need for them. And all of it keeps you from real inner peace by way of awareness of oneness with Me.

The antidote to this is to take time daily for sacred stillness, indeed to make time for it. Life ought to flow from the stillness. And as you practice it, you will realize that this is not only a possibility, but how you were created to live. This does not need to be complex, but simply the intention to enter My Presence and allow yourself the quiet for a time. Draw near to Me and I will always draw near to you. I will make make known not only that I am with you, but I will also make known to you the purposes for which you entered into Earth life, and help you with how to live it.

And when you are going about your daily matters, it is good also in the midst of that to develop the habit of inner stillness, for I am everywhere present and desirous to commune with you at all times and all places. At times you may simply intend within yourself, “Now it is time to spend such and such time in a ‘mini vow of silence’.” As you develop this habit, you will begin to be aware of Me, and that I never leave you nor forsake you. The quiet of My healing presence will be as balm to your weary soul.

Your thoughts are often like a herd of frightened deer – startling at every noise or perceived threat from the world. Bid them to lie down beside the still waters that your soul may be restored.

A higher creativity emerges from the sacred silence. Apart from that there is only reactivity to life, rather than it flowing through you from My presence.

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