Affirming What Is

We bring glory to our Lord by living in the reality of the New Creation which we are in Christ. This means we have completely been set free from the domain and power of sin, death, the world, the devil, and self/ego.

If you are still imprisoned in strongholds of sin, that means you are living a lie and have not embraced your newness of life and the freedom that is offered through Christ.

Living in death means that you have not awakened to the new reality which you are, nor that new reality Christ has provided for you to experience and enjoy as the new creation you have become in Him.

If you chase after the world’s applause and its charms, you have not yet understood that you were not even made for the world which is always passing away.

If you’re held under the spell of the evil one, you serve lesser gods in some way, who will only deceive you and lead you into further entrapments and darkness. Some of them you have fashioned yourself. They are dead and powerless.

If you live in the service of self, you have not escaped fear, so you have not surrendered your will to that One Whose will is ultimate infinite love and good. Consequently you cannot know He is real. You are separated from the Life He has for you, which is his greatest pleasure – that you receive your ultimate happiness, which does not exist outside of Him.

What must be understood is that we do not “achieve” union with the Divine, but we “receive” it as the ultimate goal of grace, the union with the manifest Love of God, which we can never earn, but which He freely extends to us.

The question is, if the old has passed away and all things have become new in Christ, then why are so many people living an experience that witnesses to so much less?

Because they really have not seen (perceived) this great good!

Oh tell me, have you seen Him, really seen Him?

Scripture proclaims, “Behold the Man!… Behold all things are made new…!” What are you beholding? Is your inner eye of faith comprehending what it was made to perceive?

The inner eye of faith must see/perceive what we are and what is ours in Christ, and our eye must remain single, in order to be full of the Light of His truth – our new reality. So, are we or are we not His body temple? Is His truth our truth or not? What do our lips and lives proclaim and affirm?

A good place to begin the seeing, the perceiving, is to affirm that “I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. The old has passed away. All things are new!” Is there anything better than that?

First of all, let’s demolish that old “5-D” reality! Darkness, disease, dysfunction, divorce, and death characterize the old reality still carried around by and characterizing how all too many of us see ourselves and our lives. Other D words can be substituted as well, but why dwell here? This is something which has been crucified with Christ! It is no more! It does not exist! Can you see that it is no more?

The old 5-D is not the reality God spun us from Himself to experience from the beginning. And when we went walk about in a prodigal way (“the fall”) and fell among thieves and were held captive, He provided a ransom – paid in full by the blood of His son our Elder Brother Jesus Christ, to spring us and bring us back Home. To top that off, the Holy Spirit is given to guide us into all truth and to walk alongside us all the way Home, transforming and restoring us once more to His glorious likeness. When we ask we receive!

All of Earth’s history, if we can also see that for what it actually is, is His Story about setting us free from the old which has already passed away, in order for us to recognize and receive this new reality in His full Grace. Our Heavenly Father simply yearns for us to enjoy the supernal, spectacular, and sublime life for which we were made and which was made for us in the first place – now and here, not just “some” hereafter. So, are you now here or nowhere, and what are you here after, after all?

With Jesus Christ our Elder Brother we are invited to stand and acknowledge that our kingdom is not of this world – the old which has passed away! We are new creatures living in a new creation.

Most of us pay way too much time beholding the old reality and its intrigues, games, dramas, and politics. Hopefully that “spell” can be broken as we see it as the graveyard it really is! There is no one truly alive there! So why seek the living among the dead?

There is nothing in this world for the Soul who knows and understands that its kingdom is not of this world (system), but instead beholds that it already dwells in the fullness of its original freedom, glory, and good – restored by Christ Jesus.

So leave your flowers and flags at the cemetery of what has passed away if you must, but walk out of there once and for all, never looking back, for whom the Son has set free is free indeed. With Him let us do something new: let us be strictly about our Father’s business.

And so it is. Amen.

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