Are Your Dots In A Row?

We would all like to have the big picture these days about what on earth is really going on. So many of us set out to connect the dots, and chart our course accordingly. We have access to all sorts of information via the internet providing various claims on reality. Consequently there are many resources who claim to have the dots connected – experiencers of various realities, “experts”, the news, alternative views and news, conspiracies, extra terrestrial contactees, and the like. We think that because we have access to all this information that it ought to really be a snap to connect the dots. However many claims conflict with the rest.

One problem with this approach to connecting the dots is that it forms a distorted picture which has little to do with what is actually unfolding as the Higher Reality of divine plan and order – what has been needed and has been commencing from the beginning.

At the outset, I would offer that what is emerging, as “Real Reality” that will stand, is wrought by the hand of the Lord. All other bets are off. He’s Still in charge, always has been, always will be. Other appearances can be deceiving. Therefore, fear not!

How do we know what this emergence will look like? There is only one way to find out, and that is by accessing the Mind of God on the matter. He tells us clearly through His revealed word, however, that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours, as heaven is immeasurably higher than earth. (Isaiah 55:8,9)

Does this make the thoughts of God forbidden or inaccessible, as we’ve been given the impression by some “voices”? No. Jesus Himself invites us to continually ask, seek, and knock, and what is needed will be opened to us. St. James explains that God eagerly grants His wisdom to those who ask, while St. Paul admonishes us to put on the Mind of Christ, Who has promised that the Holy Spirit will be given to those who ask. The Holy Spirit will lead those who ask into all truth, and will bring to mind all that Jesus has taught us!

How much clearer can it be that God wishes for a “celestial mind meld” with us wherein He can reveal His thoughts and His plan to His people? He wants to guide successfully the ships of our lives on our assigned voyage by fixing our minds on the Daystar from on High! Thus we need to be fully attentive to His revealed Word through the Scripture – which always reveals Jesus – and keep an open hailing frequency to the Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit within. “My sheep hear My voice”, He reminds us. (John 10:27)

When we seek Him alone, then any dots we’ve been trying to connect (when necessary) become “visible” to our perception with God’s numbers attached (a figure of speech of course), pointing us to the next and the next, just like connect-the-dots coloring books in which children delight.

However, what may emerge may not be according to our personal notions, agendas, or previous opinions about the direction and formation of the big picture. God’s thoughts reveal to us a brighter and higher purpose – even within the current circumstances where we find ourselves. This alleviates many fears, anxieties, or hopelessness which grips so many minds today. It’s imperative that we seek fully – with a pure heart – the Mind of Christ and the high thoughts and perspectives of the Lord.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 KJV)

The end revealed, perhaps even while enduring much tribulation, is intended to bring forth joy, beauty, and the assurance of an enduring reality where we know that we are never separated from the love of God. For us to be one with Him has been His intention since the beginning!

I’m reminded of the refrain from an old and favorite hymn:

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, 
Look full in His wonderful face, 
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, 
In the light of His glory and grace.”

The face of Jesus alone – this is where we need to fix our attention and focus. We then come to understand that every cross is followed by a resurrection! This is the Truth that lines up all the dots as it plots the course for our life. The face of Jesus – the Daystar whereby we chart our course, the bright Sun into which we can and must gaze! He will never blind us. In fact, when we do that, we can see more clearly than ever, and we can see forever.

To God be the glory!

© 11/13/2014 by Yvonne Blasy

Originally posted on my website:


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