Just a few remarks concerning a post I took down a few moments ago. I think it reflected some fear that what is posted may be picked up and used in ways we never intended, especially in a “free” venue. In a time when we need to be fearless and to stand up for the Truth, it’s no time to hold back. It is in fact time to push forward. And it’s especially not time to play pretend that it doesn’t exist, or – if I don’t think about it, it will go away.

Yes, it’s good to be positive, and always “keep on the sunny side”. However, there are things that need to be addressed that may not always “feel” positive, and that is a part of these apocalyptic times we live in – that the dark gets revealed as well, and we must stop pretending that evil doesn’t exist.

After all, the cycle of a day is not all sunshine. There is also an equal amount or varying amounts of darkness, and this is simply a fact of life.

Everyone has a piece of the puzzle to bring to the table of the Big Picture, and if we don’t show up at the table and bring along our piece of that puzzle, then the picture cannot be complete. So we press on, whether someone dislikes us or likes us, stand we must.

Yes, no matter what the cost.

It’s a part of what is, not what we wish it may be. And if there is no “bad news”, then there is no reason for the Good News of the Gospel. If you dare to look, you will see that there is every need for the Gospel and for truth on many levels – especially now. Perhaps it only needs to be presented in its 21st century context. Each day more and more comes to the surface.

We press on!

Stay tuned…


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