Lament In Honor Of The Pines

Today they came, unannounced, to do their dastardly deed.

As they finished, I asked the tree butchers to leave one stump from my noble Guardian in the front yard. (I apologize, but at the moment I find it difficult to acknowledge them as anything else.) What I will do with that stump, I do not know. Right now that doesn’t matter.

I am grieving now. Five great ones who were my friends are no more. These pines were always a major presence during our family raising years, and now long afterward they have kept their watch. What memories and moments they held as each day I looked out the window and smiled a hello to them. That exchange held meaning which is hard to explain. Five friends were taken from me today. Perhaps this hurts so much because they were so taken for granted!

Now no more will I hear them as the wind plays them like soft sweet harps, nor will their piney scent fly like incense on the breezes. Now no longer will the owl call out in the night from her summer hiding place. If she returns, she will discover her apartment is no more, that the whole building is gone, so to speak. No more will the birds and creatures great and small play and chatter with one another in their green and shady boughs, or what was left of them after disease set in. Yet even then, they supplied what refuge they could.

How much they taught me just by their presence as I spent time with them! They have a way of wordlessly communicating that makes itself known within the Soul. Only someone who has felt this will understand what I mean.

As each of them fell to the ground with an earth shaking thud, I felt gutted! I know they had to come down, but as they did, it was like watching family members being ambushed and waylaid by thugs, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Their final painful “last words” to me were this: What ails people is that they have little or no connection to nature, especially to the trees. If they did, the Earth would have better care and respect than She does, and all would realize that the “Creator’s Prime Directive” to “have dominion” does not mean to dominate, rape, and ruin until there’s nothing left, but instead to be good custodians who are themselves a respectful part of the divinely natural order! And if they were more connected to Creation, especially the trees, they would eventually encounter the Creator from Whom it all came.

My tall friends are gone. Trees have always featured in a fair amount of the art I’ve done. It’s as if to render them artistically is to connect with them inwardly. And this understanding will give rise to more of same on the way – to honor my friends and all they have meant and still mean to me.

An old song courses through my mind, “All My Trials”. There’s a line in it, “There is a tree in Paradise; the pilgrims call it the Tree Of Life…”

Tree of Life. Source of Life. All things exist in the Creator, and the Creator in all things. Maybe if we got a handle on that there would be more respect for all Creation, and for one another.

Rest in peace, my beloved friends.

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©11/3/2014 by Yvonne Blasy


3 thoughts on “Lament In Honor Of The Pines

  1. Oh, I so agree! I love trees, always have. They can be so majestic, so beautiful that they do seem to reach up to heaven and connect us with our Creator as we stand gazing at them. If I were standing watching them fall, I would be heartbroken with you. What a wonderful message. Thank you for sharing.

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