Heretics On Fire

Be forewarned: this poem is not the most pleasant of visuals. It may in fact be considered by some to be “inflammatory”, if you’ll pardon the dark pun, dear reader. However, it points to a time in history when a radically “orthodox” mindset swept through the church, reflecting the real “spirit” behind it, which was anything but the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

With the radical polarization of mindsets in the world today, and also in the churches, one wonders – and hopes and prays against it – if the greatest enemies could possibly once more arise against each other from within the churches. The real enemy is within, and we do well each day to surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit, Who alone has the power to sublimate and dissolve all the dark drives and will of our fallenness, as we put on the Mind of Christ! May we fully surrender to Him Who is absolute, infinite, unconditional, Love!

See them now,
searching through the woods,
seeing not the forest for the trees,
crazed, infested with dark spiritual disease,
With their hounds a baying,
supposing God’s decree obeying –
Thus believing,
so they’re saying.

Bring the kindling!
Bring the flame!
Thus the mob incites desire
to offer human flesh a’burning,
like some boar on spit a’turning.

Wearing cross and cowl,
screeching like the owl,
preaching God above,
feigning truth and love.
Inwardly a pterodactyl,
outwardly a dove.
Madness, craven, blood lust slake,
Sleeping, yet pretend to be awake.

Lo! Another live one here –
Heretic, recant in fear!
Burn! Return!
Repent for heaven’s sake.
Too much at stake.

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