The Enoch Effect

There has been much attention in circles embracing world religions concerning the “Keys of Enoch”. However, the Holy Spirit may be communicating what the Book of Enoch offers in the way of  “keys” for unlocking peculiarly Christ-centered thought and direction.

Perusing information on the writings of Dr. J.J. Hurtak, one discovers his “Keys” center around New Age approaches to unlocking our cosmic birthright from the stars. It is based on experiences he claims to have had with Enoch resulting in a journey through “higher worlds” of creation beyond our third dimension.

This of course could be highly deceptive. Little if anything indicates any real knowledge of Enoch’s message and its implications for the Ekklesia. In the same way many embrace unquestioningly complex dogmas of organized religion, and are thus led down yet another dead end religious rabbit hole. Hurtak with his complex methodologies may be to New Agers what other religious authorities are to people who do not study the literature themselves (see Acts 17:11), either the Bible or the original Books of Enoch. Consequently, since many abdicate the throne of spiritual responsibility and leave it all up to their talking heads, priests, pastors, masters, experts, and gurus, they can easily be deceived by masquerading “angels of light”. (See 1 John 4:1)

Thus one must ask, are all these complex formulas, metaphysics, rituals, so called secrets merely subtle attempts at subversion and sabotage of the purposes established through the Narrow Way, the simplicity of our Lord Jesus Christ, against which the gates of hell, He promises, cannot prevail?

Enoch’s role, relating to the 21st Century, as revealer of what anciently took place among high level Celestial beings called Watchers, is to bring awareness and understanding as to the realities the Ekklesia must yet deal with and what our mission is, as the body of Christ, at the culmination of all things. Their fall precipitated our fall!

The mission is two-fold when it comes to being about our Supernal Heavenly Father’s business 1) to engage in spiritual warfare against the works of the devil, 2) and to experience – through the redemptive work and teachings of Jesus Christ and the anointing of the Holy Spirit – transformation into “sons of God”. This transformation cannot take place without understanding Jesus Christ’s identity and the work  as a foundational prerequisite! Certainly the Bible itself is very clear about this, if one will simply embrace what it says without the complexities of “middle men”. This also asks of us – as the body of Christ – a complete surrender to the Holy Spirit.

The fallen Watchers were referred to as the “sons of God” in the beginning. These entities defiled themselves with human women (daughters of men / see Genesis 6:1-4) when they took physical form on Earth. The popular term “fallen angels” hardly describes their particular original estate and responsibility, which they abandoned and lost, never to have it again – due to jealousy, lust, and rebellion against God.

We discover repeatedly that this phrase “sons of God” is applied to the Ekklesia in the New Testament. If these powerful former Watcher sons of God forsook their celestial domains and therefore their cosmic responsibilities over and within the manifest creation, might their abdication of responsibility leave a “vacancy” in the divine order of things? Might the omniscient Supernal Father fashion the perfect human race to preside in place of the Watchers (whose fall preceded and precipitated ours)?

Scripture is clear that in the “legal” sense, by the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, “NOW are WE sons of God…” (1 John 3:2). The Watchers were called sons of God before, but now are we sons of God. Yet it has not yet appeared what we shall be in fullness, and that is what the Age of the Ekklesia is about: we are sons of God in the making, under development and restoration – post fall.

This is somewhat like the acorn compared to the oak. Although it simply looks like a nut and bears no resemblance to what it is meant to become, the nut must “die” to become the nighty oak (John 12:24 – Jesus used the word seed, grain, or corn to describe the same process). The story of how that is to play out is taught to Enoch through the angel Uriel. All are sons of God, yet we must be readied for our manifestation and destiny- each according to his divine purpose and “rank”.

Enoch holds certain “keys” – the story of what happened in the earliest beginnings of our race and what must commence until all is resolved and restored. It provides the backdrop and panoramic spectacle concerning why we are here. This is not “religion”; it is the celestial and cosmic reality with which we must deal, through the Narrow Way revealed by Jesus Christ – more than sufficient to the task, the way of humility, love, and surrender to the Holy Spirit.

Enoch offers important enhancements of understanding imparted to the Ekklesia. This is why interest in Enoch’s writings has been sparked in the hearts of many who encounter it. Everything hinges on the revelation of Jesus Christ, as it was bestowed on Peter (“Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God!”) by the Heavenly Father. (Matthew 16:16). This is revealed to our inner being by the Holy Spirit! Those who have the revelation are the Ekklesia, the ones called out. It has nothing to do with Peter the man, the little stone, but everything to do with the revelation of Christ – the foundational bedrock!

We must know who Jesus Christ is first of all as Lord, and then why we were created and made complete in Him: to receive His administration of the “heavenly kingdom”: within ourselves, earthly, celestial, cosmic, spiritual. Earth is the “incubator” for the development of the sons of God – those who are to reign in Christ(Ephesians 2:6) (2 Timothy 2:12), once developed “to the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

God’s intention is for us to mature to this point – through the understandings and the application of the teachings of Jesus, putting on the Mind of Christ, and waging spiritual warfare in the power of the Holy Spirit, against the forces of darkness and wickedness “in heavenly places”. These purposes in Christ are a tall order! We have to grapple with the reality that evil exists (there are “spiritual teachers” who claim it doesn’t), and that we’re here to defeat (through spiritual wisdom and warfare – see 2 Corinthians 10:4 and Ephesians 6:10-18) the forces standing against our Supernal Heavenly Father’s will for us, which is the inheritance of a heavenly kingdom.

This is the purpose of the Ekklesia. The word “church” seems insufficient, due to the fact that it simply means “circle of stones”, not “sons” called forth from the world’s religious and political systems!

It is little wonder, when one considers what is at stake, that Enoch’s writings “disappeared” not 200 years after the Ascension of Jesus Christ. The age of the Ekklesia, in which all things are to be restored, was just getting underway. What better opportunity to nip the mission in the bud, by the infiltrating forces of darkness and limitation, by hiding this important key of the kingdom – thus eliminating it from the awareness of God’s people and marginalizing its importance? Thank God it was rediscovered!

The writings of Enoch made clear to me why we need Jesus’ Narrow Way – at a time when I wandered from it. It helped me re-realize who I am and what my reason for being is. The mission became clearer, calling me back to the front lines!

Studying this book along with Holy Scripture, I continue to have one aha moment after another, realizing what is now at stake. Enoch was given his vision so long ago as preparation for the end of the age – the culmination of the work of the Lord in and through the Ekklesia.

Now is the day of “apocalypse” or revealing – when those who formerly dwelt in the presence of the Lord – the Watchers – will be revealed and sentenced, along with their minions (humans and otherwise) who have been complicit in their rebellion and forsaking their domains. No longer will they shake their fist in the face of our Heavenly Father, nor harass and demolish His creation, His creatures or His children.

Enoch is a work and a word of purpose. May all “Keys of the Kingdom” be restored to all for whom they are intended, for the time is at hand.


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