Declaring A Fast

To my spiritual blogging family:

Dear ones, I have been moved by the Holy Spirit to go into a period of fasting and prayer for 3 days, from Sunday 8/31/2014 – Tuesday 9/2/2014, to be in the silence and seclusion of prayer in order to seek the Lord’s will and direction on a number of levels. During this time I would appreciate being covered with your prayer support, if you are so moved. Or if you are moved to join me in this, in your own space, please do – since we may gather together in Spirit more readily than we can in physical presence.

This message is going out to those who understand the challenge of the times into which God has sent us, and thus the specific voyage upon which we embark, as the USA and the world descend into a spiritual maelstrom, reaping what has been sown. We have never been more in need of the Lord’s specific guidance for ourselves, our families, communities, spiritual fellowships, and governing authorities. Personally my opinion is that we’ve already begun the slide into a spiritual black hole which will require repentance on our part and divine intervention, if a way is to be granted us to escape this, or emerge intact, whole, and the wiser for it on the other side of it.

Thus I would humbly direct your attention, if you are moved to participate in this particular quest, to the directives and scriptural support of 2 Chronicles 7:13&14, Isaiah 58, Matthew 6:5-18, James 4:7-10, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. (There are many more.)

May the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Savior and Lord, be with us all and reveal His wisdom to us necessary for this hour. All glory to His Name now and forever!


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