Insurrectionists And Instructions

One thing about human beings is that many of us have little natural inclination toward reading the instructions or asking directions. I’ve found this to be true of myself from time to time, I’ll be the first to admit. Although at the end of the day, after enduring a lot of frustration, I may succumb and surrender, humbling myself to opening a set of instructions on some “smart” device which has me baffled. A good example of this is the cellphone or other 21st century inventions which have become the mother of “need”. I may or may not open the book, read, and heed – depending on the degree of frustration I’ve experienced going about things by the seat of my pants.

This inclination to “wing it” can be especially true when it comes to spiritual instruction. That goes a long way back. Humanity seems notoriously hands on when it comes to doing things “my way or the highway”, as we grapple with life and its challenges.

It’s been said that some think they have evolved beyond the “consciousness” where they need any guidance at all from any external Wisdom, especially that silly old Bible or God. No, we’re far too advanced for that. It’s irrelevant for our time, except maybe for the backward. Besides, all we have to do is “go within” where the font of all wisdom is to be found. One has to ask, what is the source of that sort of arrogance?

I’m sure that most serial killers are doing most of their plotting “from within”, but that certainly may not be the most reliable compass.

Remember – the “north star” is well above your boat, sailor, if you catch my “drift”!

Considering the cosmic story of who we are and the larger perspectives of what we’re dealing with, this tendency to disregard Wisdom has had enormous consequences on our little blue green world over the last several thousand years. The theme song has been, “I Do It My Way”. (It’s all in the Book. Go ahead and read it. I dare you!)

Yet when the prodigals left Paradise, prophets and wise ones were quietly sent out into the realms of our wanderings, carrying the Celestial Wisdom, as they sought after our wellbeing. Often they themselves did not write down anything, yet fragments of instruction concerning what they taught were carefully recorded by various scribes and students and disseminated across the centuries – for any who were interested.

Some became frustrated enough with singing the theme song of this adolescent backhanded declaration of independence to start asking for help. They decided to take a look at the instructions to see if any of it might offer some insight and knowledge as to not only how to get along better in life, but perhaps there might be clues as to how to get Home!

The last to arrive on the scene here in “Wanderland” was our Elder Brother Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, the One Who is called not only “Lord”, but the first and last Word, the Alpha and the Omega. He hadn’t made the same errors in judgement as the rest of us did. Instead He came here to see who might be interested in discovering the Way Home.

By the time He arrived, things were a mess. By our own complicity, we’d gotten ourselves taken hostage by a swarm of high level thieves, liars, and swindlers. They had a ransom note on our heads – nothing less than the lifeblood of our Elder Brother in exchange for us captives. Those demands were met in the full agreement of our Elder Brother with our Heavenly Father – that this was the only way out of the mess we were in. They had a plan.

That was only the first part. He gladly paid that price, but that’s not where the story ends. It has a much happier and far more miraculous ending. (Well, again, it’s all in the Book. Go ahead and read it. I dare you! You’ll find out what “Love” really looks like!)

Then there is still the matter of our willful wanderings. It’s necessary to receive the “get out of jail free” card. Once the ransom note was paid, we are free to walk away from the prison camp. Yet we must choose whether to stay or to leave.

The Firstborn also left His instructions for any of His insurrectionist brothers and sisters who might want to leave their confinement and find their way Home, the ones who’ve had enough and now realize how good things really were at Home. A part of the message in the instructions is that all is forgiven. In truth, it always was even from the moment we walked away. Our Heavenly Father, Who is pure Love, has ransomed us and awaits our homecoming so we can once more be one with Him, enjoying status as sons and daughters of the High King of Heaven, heirs and joint heirs with Christ!

Before He departed, our Elder Brother appointed and schooled twelve of His closest associates who began disseminating the map of His Truth to any who would receive it – as to how to find our Way Home, and to be fully restored as sons and daughters of God.

The primary instruction invites us, that in order to make our Way back to our Celestial Home, under more than adequate and acceptable conditions, to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then everything else we need to make the journey Home will be added unto us. (For this specific instruction, please go to Matthew 6:33. In fact, I double dare you to read and really consider Matthew 5,6, and 7 – also known as the Sermon on the Mount.) This is how prodigal sons and daughters of God transcend an otherwise harsh and impossible reality and make the trip Home, a reality where the odds are stacked against the ones who refuse the instructions.

And, oh yes, one last thing – our Elder Brother promises that if we will perpetually abide in these instructions, and ask for His Holy Spirit, this One also known as the Comforter will always walk with us, bringing to remembrance all that He taught, and revealing all truth to us – the kind of Truth that will set us free.

I cannot imagine better reasons to want to study the “map”, the instructions, of His Wisdom and follow it all the way Home!


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