Cross Thoughts

A friend of mine who is of First Nation heritage posted something online this morning about the various symbols warriors painted on their horses before going to battle. The one that got my attention was of course the cross.

A cross was painted on the horse in honor of the fact that both the warrior and his horse had escaped an ambush.

It struck me that spiritually this is a very good analogy for those who name the Name of Christ as well! We too have escaped an ambush.

Well, not exactly. We have been more than ambushed. We were taken prisoners of war in a cosmic rebellion, designed by angelic beings who were created originally to watch over us, but it seems they took issue with that idea. You, dear reader, are familiar with this. It’s history, so to speak.

However, through the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ we have been set free from this state of captivity through the ransom paid in the Blood of the sinless Lamb of God – sin, death, the world, our ego-self-will, and the power of the evil one – the arch fiend who engineered this trap in the first place. All these “powers” were put to death in Jesus Christ.

Jesus lets us know at the outset that whoever would follow Him must deny himself and pick up his cross in order to do so. The Cross takes being a spiritual warrior and spiritual warfare to another level. It is the only way out of our “predicament”.

I always see the horse as symbolizing life, energy, forward movement, raw courage and power. It has it’s purpose in the physical reality. Yet it is animal – a beast form.

The question is, have we painted the Cross on our horse?

War Horse


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