Going Along To Get Along

This is clearly not my usual subject matter, yet I feel compelled to say what I have to say. I posted this on Facebook yesterday. I’m shootin’ straight from the hip here, pilgrim.

Let me preface what I’m about to say with this. This entry is not in support of any particular party or candidate. It is instead a mini look at how politics works in order to manipulate people into buying into its control agendas, common to both the “right” and the “left”.

Politics is the business of someone else convincing you what’s good for you, without the need for you to do your own thinking. Woe be unto us for not doing our own thinking, and asking, is this for real? Is this really how it is? Is this person telling the truth? Does his action and policy match what he says? Is he or she what he appears to be, or will s/he “shape shift” into something entirely different after election? Is this person someone of good character and moral integrity, or does s/he only want us to think this is so, but at the end of the day, it’s a false front?

Yesterday I reposted a 19 second video clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJukZTtJxFo of the current president addressing the EU in Brussels last March. I sincerely thank the person who called me out on the fact that the clip was taken out of context and deliberately edited. So I pulled it off my Timeline. She helped me to see what I should have seen in the first place – that its unmasked, overly insulting attitude toward the common man and free people everywhere was completely contrary to Obama’s usual approach in his finely tuned and well designed speeches (whoever writes them).

Ordinarily the m.o. of President Obama’s speeches is not to insult or demean. Instead they major on flattery and telling people what they want to hear, full of accepted popular rhetoric – which at face value few can disagree with, leading listeners to feel as if he’s their best buddy, to let down their guard, and not go any further than what is presented at face value. Easily mesmerized, many walk away from his speeches feelin’ groovey, as they used to say. My, what a charming man! And he even thinks like I do.

Does he really?

What this actually reveals to us is how easily we trust and look no further than what’s being presented to us. We trust all the “Bigs”. Big Politics, Pig Med-Pharma, Big Industry, Big Religion… you name it. Without realizing it’s the Bigs who fund the political campaigns! And we trust our friends who trust the Bigs, so we’re likely to go along with what they have to say, so we can get along. There may have been a time when that was a good idea, but it’s not working anymore. Deceit and cunning are the ways of the day – the “zeitgeist” of the tumultuous times in which we live.

(Full speech here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVZWLqkBtf0 if you can stand anymore of this sort of thing. Link posted so you can see the difference.)

However, procedurally the track record indicates that this administration’s course has been steadily in the direction of dismantlement of the US Constitution and the freedoms it represents. Obama stands out as the poster child of the socialist left. The walk doesn’t match the talk, and the walk is what you really want to look at – the track record.

Unfortunately a good many of us got fooled into voting for him (the 1st go round anyway) after four years of being “Bush whacked” by the previous administration. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Hey, I’m willing to admit at that point my thinking and researching were not even out of the garage, let alone cruising down the road! So please, don’t shoot the Messenger. And my sleuthing may not yet be perfect, but at least I’m out there sniffing the trail.

So let’s cut to the chase.

The right is just as guilty as the left of this poster child charade. I actually did go ahead and listen to the full Obama speech, proving to me the point that the 19 second clip was taken out of context. Point taken.

However, I also decided to listen to a speech given by the very popular Dr. Benjamin Carson, parallel poster child to Obama, from the Republican right. I was surprised to learn that their upbringings had been so similar up to a point – black, single mom, struggle, and so forth. Oh how we love our icons!

I know, now my conservative friends are also going to hate me for pointing out these similarities. But after all we’ve been through in the last one-and-a-half administrations (which is merely a continuation of the the Bush whacking agenda from the 8 years previous to that…), isn’t it worth asking some hard questions about political poster children?

If the nation had been willing to take a deeper look at what-you-see-may-not-be-what-you-get in 2007, we might not be in the pickle we’re in – losing our Constitution, human rights, and being taken over by a New World Order UN Agenda 21 (openly promoted if you’re honest enough to admit it by GHW Bush – whose daddy helped fund the Nazis in WW2, long before “Dubbya” got into office)! Go ahead. Google it yourself!

Yet here people are posting happy birthdays to these people as if they’re personal friends! That goes for both sides. Get over it!

We’d had it with “911”, Iraq, and so forth by the middle of the 1st decade of the 21st Century. So the poster child from the left, Obama, who comes essentially out of nowhere into public view, is presented and promoted by the Bigs as the answer to our hopes and dreams for a better more equitable America. After the election some of us woke up. Others still seem to be under the weavings of the socialist left’s spell.

The right also has its poster children – black men of renown, dignity, highly educated, in places of position in society. Another point taken – we leaning right folks are not racists. Race is not what this is about! It’s about integrity, who’s really got it, and who doesn’t. Back to basics, folks.

Yet having been burned by this ploy, do we dare ask the question, are we once more being willingly led into a trap because we’re still participating in the emotionally hyped audacity of hope, rather than thinking deeply and vetting well any and all potential candidates rising up on the political horizon?

I’m not saying Dr. Carson cannot be trusted or that he’s not the real deal. But are we going to question and find out for sure? Or Rand Paul? Or Sarah Palin? Etc, ad infinitum!

All I’m saying is watch out for anything backed by a “PAC” touted as lord and savior of the Republic. We need to stop hitching our wagons to the latest rising shooting star, because if we do, the wagon may take us boldly where we do not want to go. The only thing that changes is the driver of the wagon. The map and the destination remain the same. And we may find out, much to our chagrin, in the final analysis, that the wagon wasn’t even ours in the first place, and we’re only along for the ride. That’s what “they” want, but We The Wee People are not supposed to figure it out, because when we do, it’s the end of the spell.

I’m trying to initiate discussion here. Intelligent discussion. I’m trying to get your dander up enough to make you ask provocative questions, to think deep and hard, to ruthlessly vet every candidate, what they stand for, and whose special interests they represent, who their connections are… And always, always follow the money.

We must stop going along just to get along.



One thought on “Going Along To Get Along

  1. When we put our hope, faith and trust in a party, ideology or a man, we will be sorely disappointed. Isaiah says it best, regarding politics, “and the government shall be on his shoulders.” When Jesus is enthroned here on earth, then all will be well.

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