The Former

It is difficult to let go of forms – something solidified, something set in stone – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. The former is that to which we have become attached, how someone has been, how situations have been, how we used to see things, back in the day, as they say.

Being “there” may indicate that I’m not now here, also spelled nowhere.

Former means that which is of the past, and therefore it/he/she/they are passed away out of a familiar form, or is in the process of passing away. This is the nature of things and persons – that everything is always in motion and a process of perpetual change toward expansive wholeness.

However, the “former” can also mean something (or someone) which forms the future or shape of that which is to come. Something – whether spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical – that forms can be called a former.

The future form comes from the former, consisting of past, present, and Divine Creative Presence.

The question, if you care to go there, is – who is better “in-formed”, one who clings to the past, or even tries to resurrect some past form (which is never again to be, since it has served its purpose) or one now being shaped by past, present, and Divine Creative Presence?

I suppose, on the other hand, that we stay where we are until we realize we hurt more when we do not move forward.

The Creative Path is that which is always in formation. Art, since it is the process of forming something, is the best tool I know of (in my experience) that can teach us that if we think we are in-formed, “finished”, we may in fact be only in formation ourselves! How blessed is the quiet focus of creating, regardless of the art form!

The process is never really finished. We just need to know when to call it quits with one phase and get on with the next. But even that may be anybody’s guess, often determined more by what is felt than what is thought.

Being in formation is the journey toward wholeness, which is unlimited and infinite Good! In the final analysis that may be the meaning of Divine Union.

Thus to be a “shadow of your former self” is a good thing. It means you are in metamorphosis, in formation.

Get over it! The “shape shifting” never stops. Being in motion, in formation, is the only perpetual state of being.

This more clearly than anything may reveal who we really are.

Above all else, Life is the gift of creative, expansive, nomadic Being in formation!


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