Pharaoh, Herod, and Hitler Revisited

Lately I’ve been connecting with some very “loud hints” that much of what’s going on in the realm of “pop spirituality” has more to do with the agendas, politics, and paradigms of the New World Order than it does with truth. This is largely because these “liberal” agendas have everything to do with promoting and even “legalizing” an anything goes mentality on a global scale, and nothing to do with basic understandings of right and wrong, good and evil, or any sort of decency or morality – matters of basic conscience, when and if you are listening to your conscience.

What is sought after as “Self-realization” is in many instances “self-realization”, or the subtle substitution of will worship and ego pursuits in place of higher truth and values, or the realization of why you are really on this planet here now.

Many supportive of deceptive organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), or the current administration, promote the belief that “you can’t legislate morality”, but by their silence, when it comes to the abortion issue in particular, stand behind agendas that fully have already legalized obvious immorality in the form of Roe versus Wade forty years ago. This is the outright and wholesale slaughter of millions of unborn children, the most innocent and voiceless among us, which by any sensible person – churched or unchurched, who stands for decency and conscience, ought to regard as a holocaust surpassing that of Pharaoh, Herod, and Hitler and the Nazis’ fairly short lived reign in Europe in the mid 20th century. A holocaust America will be taken to task for, and indeed already is, along with other nations which have bought into this agenda.

No threat in that remark, just a simple universal principle – what goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. And it goes on – unchecked, unchallenged, and fully legal. So far.

There is a convenient, pervasive New Age belief that “everything is illusion” or that “we’re making it all up anyway”, so none of it really matters. We can do what we want, without questioning. It’s up to us. It’s all about choice. We have “free” will. So don’t bother us about matters of conscience. That is for the “unenlightened”. We are into consciousness, not conscience.

Well, so be it. You still reap what you sow. Eventually.

Personally I’ve come to regard 10 or so years spent in those New Age circles as a “descent into the Underworld”, and that having passed through the “test” I am now “ascending” up out of that spiritual abyss. And while I have come to regard it as a place of “trial” (a learning process where I was to learn carefully to discern between truth and error, among other matters), it certainly was admittedly one of the more pleasantly deceptive domains of darkness, but certainly not a reality I any longer call home!

And that deceptive pleasantness was what made it so often so difficult to discern or even detect. It is an addictive paradigm. Upon departure from New Age circles, I have found it impossible to forge any lasting bonds with those who call this place of pseudo-spiritual parlor games home. As far as they’re concerned, I’ve lost my mind. Yes, that is true – it was time for me to stop being worldly minded and to put on the Mind of Christ!

Certainly, after much sorting through the beliefs and practices embraced there, I cannot identify with the “self first” values (or shall we say lack of lasting values?) or the “anything goes” mentality found in those camps. What amazes me is that, based upon the social observations I’ve made regarding who posts what or responds to posts in social media, when anything is shared about the abortion holocaust, few take a stand against this tragedy and the support of the Pro Life movement. There are plenty of posts on the tragedy of abused or homeless dogs, stray cats, saving the whales, the rain forests, the environment, or even ending war, that are “liked”, agreed upon, and “shared”. (Certainly these are worthwhile causes. I’m not saying they’re not.)

But what about the cause of the murder of millions of unborn Human children? How can anyone sit by in silence and not address this most obvious moral and ethical tragedy, and still regard himself “enlightened” or “spiritual”? Are not these issues deeply metaphysical matters? Because what we have going on in the world today, to a Christian metaphysician with open eyes, is a clear case of cause and effect, and it needs to be presented in that voice also, as a call to awakening among people who regard themselves as “awakened” – New Ager and “liberal” Christian alike!

People are asking, “Why are so many ‘innocent’ suffering?” I’m going to be very bold in saying that, within the collective of Humankind, there are no innocent – metaphysically speaking. If you believe, as so many do, that “we are all one”, then we have all partaken of this atrocity – by our very failure in addressing it, and by the refusal to be our brother’s keeper, or a purpose greater than ourself and our personal whims and desires.

In not speaking out we have refused to take responsibility for our collective creations. And we have allowed it to go on unchecked, even electing as a President of the United States someone who by his own admission regards the matter of mass murder of unborn children as “beyond his pay grade”! Oh really? Does he then admit that he does not know the basic difference between right and wrong, and so washed his hands of the entire matter of shedding innocent blood?

Having come through the New Age wasteland, I find myself “returning from hell” “resurrected” (spiritually) to my Christian roots, yet in a much more deeply interior way (independent of a Church which is also now cloaked in the darkness of great spiritual eclipse). Of late I have had to re-pose the question to myself, “Why am I really here? What am I supposed to be doing that has meaning not just for me, but for the greatest possible Good that I can call forth through the power of the Holy Spirit?

While in the comfortable abyss, I allowed myself to believe it was about a self-serving grab for all the gusto, “following your heart”, following your dreams and pursuits. But any thinking person will eventually come to the conclusion that we all have to eventually take responsibility for our creations and for one another, and that Jack the Ripper was just doing what came naturally and following his “heart”. And what a dark heart it must have been!

If King David cried out, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me,” who are we to think we know better? This is echoed in the teaching of Jesus when he says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” I notice that whenever some quote this, they leave out the part about “and his righteousness”.

Somehow there is such an aversion to the idea of “righteousness”! What they don’t say says a lot about where they’re at spiritually, morally, and ethically. Or else they are fearful and don’t want to rock the boat. Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

What is allowed to remain law – the unrighteous, deeply immoral and unethical practice of legal abortion, often on the taxpayer’s dime – in a population that declares its disdain for “legislating morality” will determine, based on the universal law of cause and effect – how well that group will do. And one must conclude, in light of what the New Agers call “Karma”, or the law of cause and effect, is that the pigeons are coming home to roost, based upon all the no win scenarios which are now besetting society. We lose our rights, because in our selfish, callous disregard for the rights of the most innocent, we are reaping what we have sown!

All these philosophies centered in self and ego are handy dandy side trip distractions, traps that keep us going in circles. Has the world therefore, while we are busy fulfilling our personal ego dreams, been taken over by a cabal of Humanity haters because they wish to possess a world and its Souls which are not that cabal’s rightful domain?

There is a cosmology here which is largely being ignored and not seen for what it is, and it IS, like it or not, ignore it or not, affecting the very fabric of our being and way of life. The reason? It’s quite clearly stated in the Scriptures, in the book of Romans, that the entire Cosmos, as if it is in childbirth, groans – as it awaits the revealing or the coming forth of the “sons” of God. And the cabal doesn’t want that to happen, because it will be “the end of the world” for them!

Now, if you were that cabal which is trying to stop the arrival of these Suns / Sons of God, and you wanted to set in motion every conceivable means, plan, plot, and paradigm, to see to it that those Suns never arose, would you not 1) make it a priority to see to it that you are believed to not exist AND that God is also nonexistent or “dead”, and that the lower ego self is “sovereign”?  2) Would you go about promoting the view that the right way to do things is to separate the “obsolete” church and its values from the state, or declare yourself separate from the Church – which embodies the Suns bearing universal salvation and deliverance in its understanding and mission, because it is clearly counterproductive to your mission of universal conquest? 3) Would you begin to make it a legal “choice” to slaughter millions of innocent unborn children – among whom the Suns would be found, so that they would never enter into the world alive, let alone carry out and fulfill their Earthly and Cosmic purpose and mission?

This last move is clearly King Herod, Pharaoh, and Hitler revisited all at once –  and then some!

Wake up, world! We cannot remain in the stuporous space of denial about this cosmology and its ramifications, while pretending to go on to “higher vibrations” and at the same time embracing the debased and debauched non-values of anything goes rampant on the planet today. These are the “vibrations” that attract and vector in these bizarre no-win situations and entities who have no business being here.

We wonder about all the weird paranormal manifestations that make no sense openly showing themselves on our Earth. Where did they come from? Who are they? What do they want? I don’t know the specific answers to those questions, but I do know this much: they have been “vectored” here because the Law of Attraction, via various rituals and metaphysical activities, attitudes, modes of living and thinking without exception. Like attracts like! It’s a “vibrational” matter.

Many rejoice because the “veil is thin” and so forth, when in truth, it might be a very, very good idea to expel these entities and close the “veil” back up and protect yourself spiritually, energetically, psychically, and in some cases physically (a subject for another day).

Not to mention taking back our world… through repentance for starters! But we go on in metaphysical and spiritual “ignore-ance”, that these things that go bump in the night are not here because they are friendly or enlightened, but rather are manifestations of various levels of the dark unseen that would overtake our world and destroy us along with it. They are insanely jealous of us, and they do not want to see the Suns of God manifesting to fulfill their mission. So they are here to stop our emergence! It has been so from the beginning.

They are not just “symbolic” or “archetypes” running loose in our heads. Certainly there are the “good guys” (guardian angels, archangels, and the like), but they wait to be asked to be invited into the house, or even the planet itself. (There are laws “out there”, and the righteous respect them!) They don’t show up in your bedroom in the wee hours of the night and implant alien seed into your womb and then extract the fetus 3 months later, or run experiments against your will, or tweak your brain waves until you suffer a stroke! No, that is the work of a manipulator, of someone who works for the cabal, whether human or “alien”. It is a basic universal truth that like attracts like.

A simple back-engineering of the Law of Attraction reveals that events now unfolding on the planet are the “effect” from the “cause” of ignoring the wisdom of the directives about good old fashioned godly behaviors and morality. Let’s call a spade a spade here! It is what we have attracted here, not just in the form of unpleasant paranormal experiences, but also what the elite powers (humans in conjunction with the cosmic cabal) are dishing out politically as they infiltrate every organization and system on the planet. It’s not pretty, and it’s not going to get any better – unless there is not only some good old fashioned repentance, but also the repeal of ungodly laws and practices that “everyone” takes for granted or lives with without batting an eyelash.

It is also a matter of re-ordering our priorities. An old phrase I recall, an acronym actually, in the “language” of Christianity is “JOY” – Jesus first, others second, yourself last. I know that when I live that order of priorities, seeking first the kingdom of God AND His righteousness, that indeed my life is a far more powerful magnet attracting whatever I need to fulfill God’s purpose for my life not just the fulfilling of my pretty personal daydreams.

But that got lost for awhile with the New Age emphasis of self first, and I am thankful to have emerged from that twisted land which seemed like a trip down the rabbit hole.

Paradoxically the “darker aspects” of the Law of Attraction are good news also, for any philosophy that emphasizes using this as a self-centered way of approaching life has a built in self destruct mechanism. Eventually everything around it attracts the matching vibration of self seeking, and continually attracts other people and situations who are also self seekers.

And what do you have when no one is looking out for anybody but Number One? You have a society where few want to be their brother’s keeper, let alone speak up on behalf of the millions of unborn being slaughtered in unspeakable numbers, those who cannot speak for themselves, and like the blacks in the time of slavery are not regarded as “persons”. (But it’s interesting that corporations have status as “persons”!)

When that manifestation begins it is only a matter of time before the whole thing goes up in smoke, because it ignores the Way of Godly Wisdom. This, I think, is what is sadly happening to the United States of America and to the world in general. When you buy into a pack of lies, liars take over. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand, you might say.

Have we really been that easy to fool?


Time to wake up and smell the coffee.


One thought on “Pharaoh, Herod, and Hitler Revisited

  1. “And what do you have when no one is looking out for anybody but Number One?” This phrase said it all to me. It makes me think of the peice Paul Harvey did, “If I were the devil.” We’re being led like sheep to the slaughter…. Great piece. Makes you really think.

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