Proverbially Speaking / Chapter 10

“Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.” Proverbs 10:12.

For whatever reasons I have not been able to get past Proverbs 10 for a number of days lately. Life can become rather turbulent at times, yet in the midst of the tempest once more I have been directed to learn the lessons and skills to sail through them successfully. What comes about in very practical ways is the focus the Holy Spirit directs me to in these chapters. I call it “SOJT” – spiritual on the job training.

To offer love – the kind God gives so freely to us – is to be a true channel of His Grace in meaningful ways. We are the flute. He is the melodious, sweet harmony. That means to love in deed and not just word alone (See 1 John 3:18). Love conquers all through us! This is what it means to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are not our own!

It is one thing to have a “contemplative” lifestyle wherein inner worlds of understanding are received and perceived by the mind. This is the space of God Mind contact and the imparting of His revealings as we are ready for and in need of them. 

However, it is quite another matter to discern at some point the radical importance of being a conduit of the Holy Spirit’s loving peace that passes all understanding. That inner Life of experiencing Divine Light must exteriorize in the outer world. Indeed that is its real purpose! It is no a place to hide from realities – ours or those around us!

I have been thrust into a situation wherein, at least for an indefinite time, my contemplative comfort zone has had to be relinquished to a degree. This is a point where an ever deepening spiritual knowledge is being imparted through the empathetic experience of feeling with (compassion) what others are not only going through, but actually sharing in practical ways in their burdens.

Sometimes we like to do armchair religion where we philosophize and analyze everyone’s problems and programs. Then we offer advice (often unsolicited). If this is where our religion ends, it is not God Love pouring through us. It is ego based.

Others’ “sins” and shortcomings are not, after all, cosmic and celestial level war crimes, but rather the status of prisoners of war! Instead we discover that it is at times a simple inability to do what is right for whatever the reason – lack of practical help from others, lack of knowledge, or simply belief that something is lacking. When Souls are in this space the least needed thing is to be held up to scrutiny, analysis, and criticism – without the “advisor” being willing to lift a finger toward easing burdens and cares by practical means… Eventually what one discovers is that we are indeed our brother’s keeper!

In the case of administering more “heat” (advice) than Divine Light and Love in practical helpful terms, Souls will not have even the necessary relief to even begin to learn how to better relate to life and their world and be open to the Christ Way of the redeemed life. We cannot simply turn away and say “I’ll pray for you” or “Here’s what you should do” when the Holy Spirit prompts us to get our hands dirty and be directly involved (1 John 3:17) in some way. 

Jesus did not only preach and teach, he miraculously gave what was necessary on a physical basis to the point of exhaustion on many occasions. Where do we see that happening today, consistently, especially in a “liberal” politically correct American Christian “spirituality” infiltrated and infested with the new age cults of self serving? That is little more than a deceptive trap. It’s time for the “Church” to awaken and get back to the business of being the Bride and Body of Christ, not the propaganda tool of Satan.  

The powerful Love of God must be seen in action. Jesus said that if you have seen Me you have seen the Father. If we are indeed “one with Him and the Father” John 17:21-23) when others experience us, they are experiencing the Holy Trinity through our demeanor, our language, and our caring. So – where is Jesus visible today in churches whose modus operandi is more like a worldly corporation than the very living Essence of our LORD Jesus Christ? 

The word “covereth” in the above text is an interesting one. It means to “fill up the hollows”, or a deep empty space, a place where there is not something, an emptiness. To me this resounds loudly and clearly of a serious lack. Could we say that when someone lacks something which makes it impossible to hear the living Word of Christ, that this lack is keeping them from God, experientially outside the very Presence which we would like to encourage them to seek and to worship? We overlook and cover the emptiness, the inability, and provide what is necessary on a tangible, physical level without judgment or condemnation. The Soul in need must see and experience something very different and whole in us. God is up to the task. Are we willing to be His Body in this life?

The NASB uses the word “transgressions” in place of sin. Love must be very practical in many ways in times like these, so that lives are assisted in order to see and experience the Love of Christ – the Kingdom of Heaven as a viable reality. 

What the world needs now is not more blissed out “meditators” looking to be at peace “within” themselves, escaping from being their brother’s keeper, but “en-Christed” Souls filled with the Holy Spirit’s own zeal for getting their hands dirty by lifting another out of the mud. The only way we can do that is to offer our hands and hearts when and where we are directed, without judgement. The world needs to see sons and bondservants of the living God, reclaimed by the Blood of the holy precious Lamb of God in action! It’s not enough to give advice without giving everything that God wishes to provide through us in practical terms.

The “Secret” isn’t about how to get more for your ego self. It’s about understanding how your brother is yourself in Jesus, and the realization that there are no limits to our strength and abundance in our Father’s universe, as we are prompted by the Holy Spirit. There really is no fear in Christ love!


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