Shine On!


This week has been particularly challenging as far as the difference between generating light and heat in various situations. In some respects more challenging than I ever thought. Things have come around in ways I won’t bother to describe here. Just when you think…

It’s well worth thinking about it that sometimes when “Divine heat” is applied to us, that’s the time when it can best shine through us! Malachi 3:2 describes the Lord as appearing like a refiner’s fire. Then there’s the part from 1 Peter 3:10, concerning the “elements” melting with a fervent heat.

To approach these challenges successfully, It’s become evident to me that I have to look at them as God’s Grace “getting the lead out” so that everything remaining is pure gold. It’s not over yet… This is what Divine Alchemy looks like from here.

Even more is being asked in a put on your boots and march kind of way, so I may or may not be at my desk making entries here over the next several weeks.

The only thing I know for sure is that opportunity is going to abound for generating more light than heat. Let it be so.

May fair winds accompany you on your voyage until we meet again, dear reader. I’m hoping it will not be long.

Until then, farewell and Godspeed!

As always,

Messenger At The Crossroads


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