Bad News. Good News. Neither? Both?

I write this in the evening at the end of a challenging week. As the night approaches, the darkening, ominous sky reminds me of how things are appearing in our world – turbulent, cloudy, indefinable, prohibitive of celestial light penetrating it, and maybe a little mysterious and scary. Many of us sense a greater weariness than we may have ever known before, as we behold the world coming apart at the seams… Or so it seems! 

When I share the “bad news”, it’s not my intention to be an alarmist to cause anyone to worry, to be afraid, or to create conflict. Maybe this really isn’t entirely about Obama, the Russians, war, God, guns, guts, or glory. What if it goes deeper than that, and these things are only surface  reflections of something far more extensive? What if this is a phase Hu-mans must go through to prove to themselves, and maybe the rest of the Cosmos, what they’re made of? (Explore Ephesians 3:10 in particular.)

Instead my hope is that we ponder longer, harder, and far deeper about things than we ever have before, asking ourselves – what’s the significance of this? On the chance that what we’re seeing may not be the bigger picture, then what does the bigger picture look like? Where do I fit into it? What might I do to turn things around? What are the root causes here? How can I access and apply the answers?

One things is clear – current events are asking us to come up with some new answers, not stay fixated on the cycles of perpetuated problems with new disguises that have beset mankind for aeons. It’s time to break away!

Personal lives, marriages, families, friendships are under fire and on the line, as are the social, political, and global scenes – every stratum of life we can think of is being put to the test! We ask, where is my story going in all of this? History unfolds in mystery, and the perception of it is that it’s doing so at such an accelerating rate that our minds are reeling and our anxiety ridden hearts pound. It’s as if the event horizon of a black hole opens up before us. How do we avoid it? Can we avoid it? Who created this ruckus anyway?

No, it’s not time for another beer, another latte, or another party. Maybe it’s time to stop sticking our heads in the sand, face reality, and grow up. Maybe it’s time to start thinking and asking questions and participating in the real reasons why we’re here now, along with the relationship between what’s happening now and our purpose for signing up for the Earth mission.

Shift. Transitional phase. Ascension. Apocalypse. Karma comes calling. End of the world. Whatever you’d like to call it. Maybe this is a point where certain energy sent out may be coming back to bite us or to bless us.

I was just reading in one of my favorite old books, Ye Are Gods, by Annalee Skarin.  

I’ll loosely paraphrase her comments from page 157. She maintains that “vibration” is causal to every situation. Thought generates vibration whether from individual, communities, countries, or even globally. The negative thoughts of mankind create all calamities, disasters, war, sickness, poverty, etc. God does not do this, but rather man who is created in the image and likeness of God, having thought and creative intention. Thus it is also up to man to generate the necessary frequencies of “light and glory” to turn around his direction and his disasters, by understanding his powers and taking responsibility for them and his creations. (This is metaphysical language for how repentance works!)

The “likeness and image of God” is first and foremost that we are sentient creative spirit. We create whether we like it or not, for good or for ill, and must therefore take responsibility for our creations, in some cases learning to uncreate things that do not support life and godliness. Repentance is always the bottom line!

Certainly we can fuss and fume about the “bad news”. But we also must acknowledge sooner or later that the wrath of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God (per James 1:20) Corrupt current events only evidence that there is negative and corrupt energy being transmitted by Hu-mans. Boatloads of it. The cumulative effect is upon us. But let’s not keep the focus there, since where the focus goes the energy flows.

Where are the answers as to how to turn it around?

We certainly need Wisdom! James directs us, If anyone needs Wisdom, let him ask it of God, without doubting. Why that condition? Because the path of learning Wisdom may not be the easiest. It requires dogged, single-minded pursuit, in all sincerity and commitment (See James 1). You probably won’t get it on a luxury cruise rubbing elbows with your favorite “spiritual teacher” and massaging your ego.

In a sense it’s a no brainer. Repentance is the answer. This sometimes requires silence, reflexion, and possibly significant introspection and honesty to acknowledge where the changes need to be made, and then surrendering to where the Holy Spirit is taking you… 


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