Spiritual Balance And Discernment



The thought in the foregoing photo was spoken to me in a dream. As I awakened, it would not let go of me, but became a point of contemplation during the following day, and even until now – several days later as I post this.

Many trends in Christian spirituality today seem disturbing, especially the tendency to sweep under the rug so much scandal and corruption, to treat sin with a slap on the wrist, or to even notice it or address it at all.

Do we not understand that Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil? (1 John 3:8). Then what is the “Church” except His body (Ephesians 1:23), Hisfulness”? If that is so, then ought we not to be one with Him in this work? Ought there to be this permissive defilement of something so holy and supposedly set apart and consecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ?

In case anyone thinks I’m picking on the Catholics in this regard, that’s not entirely the case. Someone forwarded me some You Tube videos yesterday which were frankly shocking. What was being touted in a supposedly Christian Pentecostal setting as “worshipin the HOLY Spirit instead resembled Satanic possession crossing the line into vulgarity. I could not even finish watching this display of ungodliness, resembling Voodoo practices. It went beyond irreverent. It’s as carnal and banal as it gets!

Might we need to come into a deeper understanding and discernment about this anything goes mentality in Christian circles and worship? Frankly, what fellowship does the Light of God have with the darkness of evil? (2 Corinthians 6:14) In some cases it’s necessary once more to review and to acknowledge that this thing called evil actually exists, and that Jesus Christ calls forth His people throughout all ages to combat it and ultimately banish it from our lives and all that is, not play around or “experiment” with it.

We need to recognize and reconnect with the spiritual reality that there are unseen forces waiting for any and every opportunity to manifest themselves through, infiltrate, and take over lives through corrupt practices – especially those who have been called to the mission of Jesus Christ. They have not forgotten their ancient mission! That story has not changed! (1Peter 5:8) But the question remains how “sober” and “vigilant” are we? Where is the admonishment concerning these displays?

Frankly the point is, the denomination we may (or may not) belong to is perhaps of little consequence. The mission of the Church of Jesus Christ is of consequence. It needs to be understood, and we need to resume living within its parameters. Indications are that a refresher course is necessary. That’s the truth referred to here in the attached photo. 

Do we really understand the mission, why we are called out of the world, out of the religions of the world, and out of the practices and doctrines of devils? (1 Timothy 4:1) Are we loving God’s Truth along these lines as much as we love to hear about His unconditional Love?

Are we taking His name in vain like a faithless bride by failing to discern these things? Are we making the cross of Christ “of none effect” with behaviors that deny we even know Him? (1 Corinthians 1:17) Are we taking His remarkable, astonishing love for granted, rendering it ineffectual because we do not get it that His Love delivers us from evil, and it transforms us as it restores us to His image and likeness?

The Gospel, after all, is not a free for all. It is the call to the mission and marching orders of the Son of God. If we don’t understand that, we ought to go back to boot camp and discern (Ephesians 5:17) what the will of the Lord is! 

And may we, each and every one, vigilantly and ceaselessly pray – may the love of God’s truth be as equally welcome in my heart as the truth of God’s love!


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