Winterlude In The Key Of Me

At the outset let me begin by saying, I’m finding that my series on the Book of Proverbs seems to have encountered a few speed bumps. But since when do we form agendas based on anything but the Holy Spirit’s timing and direction? Is it our speed or “Godspeed”? Sorry. I could’t resist the pun.

On the other hand, much of what I’m learning is being taught through experience. So it may be more interesting to offer a little testimony of how that’s working out. The rest of the series will come about in due time, sooner or later.

Stay tuned. I didn’t fall off the edge of the Earth…

The end of this week looks even more snarly than the last few days, as well as the beginning of next week. So it may be several more days until Proverbs 6 is ready to roll. Or not? I may just run away from home instead (snicker, snicker).

At any rate, may your weekend be blessed and full of cheery sunshine and warmth. See you when I see you. And, Godspeed!


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