Proverbially Speaking / Introduction

Imagine, if you will for a moment, the leader of a country creating a volume of wise sayings in order that his heirs or successors to the throne, as well as citizens of the nation he leads, will have access to Godly proven principles for sane, secure, serene, and successful living! 

Imagine that, yes – if you can in today’s world. 

I was inspired by a fellow writer to read a chapter from Proverbs each day. That was a rather synchronistic nudge, since I read that post about half an hour after a discussion I had with my husband about how greatly Divine Wisdom is needed in this world. Synchronicity is something worth paying attention to. You know it when it hits. It’s like a hound feels who’s got a squirrel chased up a tree – time to bay and bark a little in this case.

So, why do we need Godly Wisdom in today’s amazing, technological, advanced and enlightened world?

Speaking from experience, it’s been my observation that corruption began to creep in during the 1960’s – with the use of drugs, so called free love, foul language, self serving agendas, and overall moral laxity. Yes, it was the generation of the “if it feels good do it” movement, with people regarding this as the epitome of “liberation”. Following on the heels of this came the legalization of abortion, allowing for the murder of millions of unborn babies for over forty years at this point. [Well, I guess if your going to have free love, you have to get rid of some inconvenient truth, right?] People were conned into turning their backs on God and went their own way.

Don’t worry; I did my share of sowing seeds of destruction myself, so I’m somewhat preaching to the choir here. Yet the thing I’m most thankful for is that God pulled me off the fast lane and onto the Narrow Way that leads to life toward the end of the 1970’s. 

My only regret is that no one ever emphasized the Proverbs of Solomon as something I could personally connect with while I was growing up. However, perhaps it was meant to be the way it has turned out. I have no complaints, since I can speak from experience about the contrasts between these two worlds – those who think they are liberated, and those who actually are liberated through Jesus Christ. Repentance is a beautiful thing!

We wonder where our freedoms are going as they swirl the drain, but in the light of the Scriptures, that’s pretty easy to answer. It boils down to this: we reap what we sow. That goes for individuals and nations as a whole. So it would seem that the politicians, perverted priests, and posh pastors are little more than mirror images of what’s popular with the people.

So let’s cut out the flag waving and drop your guns for a minute anyway, OK? Let’s look at the root work that needs to be done on the inside of us – spiritually!

I won’t go into an overly lengthy harangue about the sleazy side of things as they have devolved in over a generation, but I do wish to put the focus onto what’s been missing – namely good old fashioned Biblical Wisdom.

What better place to begin than with the book of Proverbs?

There are “Biblical scholars” who denigrate Proverbs to a mere collection of worldly wisdom sayings. Seriously? “Worldly wisdom”? Would that be an oxymoron? If this is about worldly wisdom, then why is it that Proverbs 1:7 states very clearly that the “fear” of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, or knowledge per KJV, and that fools despise wisdom and instruction? Let’s not freak out about that word “fear”. What it actually means is “reverence”. God shows up right here in the opening act! So much for it being about worldly wisdom.

Practical wisdom? You bet! It’s too bad there are religious “authorities” calling Proverbs a collection of worldly wisdom, since people actually listen to these “experts” with strings of degrees behind their names – which of course makes them smarter than the rest of us. And if “they” say so, surely Mr. I.B. Sheeple isn’t going to look in the Book and find out for himself, is he? Interesting how the herd gets moved and who the drovers are…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about some sort of absolute literal slant overall on the Scriptures, but when it comes to Proverbs, you can take it to the bank, by beginning with the very gutsy, practical nature of what’s laid down in these thirty-one chapters. Solomon simply tells it like it is, and clarity is what is sorely needed in a world riddled with obfuscations and out-and-out lies.

Personally I think every school kid should take a course in Proverbs – so they have a practical and wise foundation for everyday living. After all, to begin with, it’s for the naive, the youth, the wise, and the understanding alike [Proverbs 1:4,5] – anyone who is willing to receive its sayings and instructions benefits from it. [Besides since it’s only worldly wisdom, it should be acceptable in public schools, right?]

There’s something here for everybody. Everybody who will not shun the gift given in this magnificent collection.

My intention is to offer a brief overview each day with a chapter a day, beginning with Proverbs Chapter 1 up next, entitled Proverbially Speaking / Chapter 1.

Hey, I need this refresher course as much as the next sinner. No claims on perfection here as yet. I’m not a judge, only an observer, experiencer, and a messenger. And there are ways to turn this mess around. I’ve seen it work once the axe is laid to the spiritual root of the problem. And someone once told me something that stuck: we teach what we ourselves need to learn. Coming with me on this journey?


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