Invitation: Personal Inner Peace Retreat



Have you become weary of dancing to the same old tune? Need a “tune up”? Then you are invited to “PIPR”, a “Personal Inner Peace Retreat”. Each Friday morning from 9:00 to 11:30, friends are invited to join me in spirit for a personal solitary time of spiritual focus through contemplation, meditation, silence, journaling, song, art, or prayer. This is a time to simply focus on keeping company with your Creator, by centering on Him within your heart.

You do not have to go anywhere to experience the PIPR, except to carve out a little sacred space and silence for yourself in your own home, where you can be in solitude and not be disturbed. It’s time to be still and shut out the craziness of the outer world, to reflect, and to discover how sweet it can be to come into God’s presence. This is a place of healing and releasing your cares, of experiencing unconditional Love, and connecting with the peace that passes all understanding – the peace that the world can never give and cannot take away, for it comes from the Heart of God.

Approached on a daily basis, PIPR can be a positive and transforming experience. So  this invitation is designed to help prime the pump of entering into a regular spiritual practice, where the intention is to simply be in God’s presence. You may want to retreat for the entire time, or for only part of it. At least half an hour is recommended. And it is habit forming – in a very positive way. So won’t you please join us?


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