Into The Silence Part 9

Be Still And Know.

Psalm 46:9,10a. “He maketh wars to cease until the end of the earth; He breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; He burneth the chariot in fire. Be still and know that I am God…”

Wars, weapons, weeping, waste of Human life and liveliness. These are the signs of conflict. And all the specialists in “conflict resolution” never reveal the real source of the conflicts, either personal or political, to an end.

From whence comes the conflict?

The source of all conflict lies within the fact that many, many Souls are at conflict with God their Creator in the first place. They are in an illusion of separation from Him, at least in awareness and experience. People against God Who is not “against” anyone, people against one another – individually or in groups, people against this or against that. Everything on this planet is approached in terms of conflict! We have wars on drugs, wars on cancer, wars on poverty, wars on everything you can think of – and now we even have a war on terror… Say what?!

It boils down to the fact that fighting fire with fire only begets more fire. Fire must be put our by “Water” – a daily washing of regeneration by the Holy Spirit! That is best approached by a practice of God’s Presence through prayer. It means going into that closet with Him, being in His Presence, “showing up for work” – the work of Grace as His Holy Spirit applies it to us.

Could we ever come to terms with how utterly counterproductive this is in terms of even such things as the forward movement of Human progress, creativity, and the ability to envision anything better or more beautiful?  Dare we to look at the fact that we’re the ones who’ve been sacked? What’s the solution? Do we want the solution offered to us by God, or are we so used to the ghetto of conflict that it never crosses our mind that we can move out of conflict and into peace?

I would offer this: What if we were to be still long enough to actually experience the peace that passes all understanding, through the sublimating grace of God’s Presence, as we come to Him in prayer, and to realize that God alone is the end of all conflict? 

What if it is possible to be still and know this? 

I would say that it is, since this is exactly what our Lord invites us to do – to be still and know that I am God! He never asks us to do anything that is not possible, and with God all things are possible which are according to His will!

This may be the best gift we could offer ourself this Christmas – the gift of being still and knowing that God IS, and that He is the end of all conflict, as that cessation of hostilities ends beginning with our renewed connection with Him! Such prayer does not even require words, only a showing up to spend time with Him, and even to listen.

We can enter that still place of prayer to experience our reconciliation with Him, provided by our Redeemer, our Lord and Champion, Jesus Christ – the One Who ends all conflict at its source.


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