Into The Silence Part 8

Commune Within Your Innermost Being

Psalm 4:4. “Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still…”

How delicious an invitation this is to come into the quiet – to commune with the Lord within the heart, to just lift up our hearts with a smile of appreciation for Him, while at rest, even upon your bed! What a contrast to the frenzy of so much of the world at this time! 

Not only does the weather deliver blizzards, but our inner landscapes are no strangers to the storm, the cold, and the harsh driving winds. We may do well to ask, from what direction do these inner conditions arise? We could reflect again on Elijah with his whirlwinds, earthquakes, and fires – the fierce “drivenness” wherein the Lord is not found… Might these things beset us because we have separated ourselves from the Presence of the Lord, His gentle Spirit that breathes across us like a gentle breeze.

How do we enter this rest, especially at this time of year? It requires some decision making, some willingness to say, “My apologies, but I’m not going to participate in this or that anymore. I have all I can handle without becoming involved. In fact I’m simply making the choice not to _______” You fill in the blank.

If we are spending time communing with our Heavenly Father in stillness, silence, and the solitude of our hearts, maybe even while at rest upon our beds, the more this is practiced, the less enticing tinsel and trinkets become. The sweetness of His Presence become the desire of our heart, and “the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace”, says the old gospel song.

We shop till we drop and spend ourselves silly, eat ourselves silly, party, overindulge, become sick, over commit, say yes when everything in us cries out to say no. Does this sound like the proper greeting for the Prince of Peace, if we choose to observe this Season as His birthday? The pastor of a church I used to attend many years ago always said that this time of year resembles bedlam, not Bethlehem. I’d have to concur.

It’s time to reflect, time to appreciate what it means for God to send His Son into this world, and for that Son to choose to lay down His life for us. 

“What wondrous love is this, O my Soul?”


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