Light In The Darkness

“Captain’s Log” 11/23/2013 [Please excuse my presumptuous sense of humor]:

This entry is a little off topic for my usual approach [is there a usual approach?]. Well anyway, it has to do with something that I experienced last evening. It may be related to my usual approach; it may not be, but I offer it as something a bit out of the ordinary, especially for practical li’l ol’ me.

It happened just after dark, about 7:15 pm, while I was clearing away the supper dishes. Ordinarily we do not dine this late, as our usual mealtime is around 3, being neither lunch nor dinner, but what simply works for our routines. However, yesterday was an exception, since my husband was out on a job where he was detained much later than usual.

I happened to glance out the window, thinking to myself how dark and blustery it was, and that sunset had been nearly an hour ago. That’s when I noticed something very different and startling. It was strange but beautiful, off in a southwest all by itself in the sky. For whatever reason I made note of the time, and darted out the front door into the frigid November night for a better look.

The “unknown” has been a back burner interest of mine most of my life. The idea of “other life” both fascinates and repels me, to the point where I’d made up my mind long ago that if I ever saw something strange in the sky, especially if it’s nearby, that I would definitely make a beeline in the opposite direction without another glance post haste. Or  I would be calling on the Name of Jesus to make the “experience” stop, especially if it was “up close and personal”. It was a mental drill I’d put together for just such a moment.

On this occasion, however, I felt compelled to choose neither fight nor flight.

All day the sky was characterized by an unremarkable color I’ve dubbed Michigan November Slate – turbulent, cloudy, windswept, and gray. That did not change after sunset; except  it was thicker, much darker, and colder, with no penetrating light whatsoever to be seen from those lesser lights that rule the night.

No bright objects were to be seen anywhere in the heavens – except this one solitary, round, pulsating, sparkling [not flashing] essentially white light, shimmering off in the distance [See illustration at the end of this article].

The object was clearer outdoors than it had been from the kitchen window, except that the branches of the trees challenged the view. So I headed back in to continue my observation from the kitchen window. I was able to watch it for perhaps another 30 seconds, when I thought I should share this with my husband. So I headed for the bedroom where he was resting and reading, basically tucked in for the night. At that moment I thought I should not disturb him, so I turned around and darted back to the window. The object was completely gone. I was disappointed.

I think the processing of this “sighting” began with the awareness that I felt a peaceful sense of elation. When I finished my kitchen chores, I decided to let a few people I’m close to know that I’d seen something. The clown in me of course had to report that I probably wouldn’t be sleeping very well due to this experience, but that was all very tongue in cheek.

This luminous object was exquisite! There was no fear involved. Whatever I saw I perceived and experienced as benevolent and peaceful. And the image was so seared into my mind that I was easily able to produce it as a digital rendering this morning. If what we call the Star of Bethlehem was a literal star, I don’t think it could have been more remarkable than what I was seeing.

I’ve been able to spend more time with this today, to process what was an experience outside the ordinary. The words that best describe it would be “angelic goodness”.

Let me just say that the last year has been challenging in so many ways, long story short. As I processed what I saw, I was reminded that whenever I pray for our family who now live in the Southwest, I often stand facing in the same direction where I saw this brilliant object aglow in the sky, as I direct my prayers toward them.

Was this my special “messenger” appearing before my eyes only, bringing with it for a brief span of time a flash of divine love which I have greatly needed to feel? Could this be a special angel who reassures me that all my prayers have been heard?

I’m not someone who is comfortable with invoking occult experiences or entities, not even supposedly benevolent angels. What I do believe in is the persistent, dogged, single minded pursuit of God and God alone, in response to His pursuit of me. I’ve always thought that if God’s will is for me to experience anything of a “phenomenal” nature, He will be the one to initiate and allow it, and that it will not be frightening because He will have made me ready for it. His grace is sufficient for me, as I trust in Him for my good alone.

But there are times, and He knows it, when the pressure of the “labor pains” of this life, which are squeezing “new creations” into Eternity, are so intense, that maybe a little glimpse of something superlatively spectacular and even supernatural are just what the Great Physician ordered! I may have received that last night. It was perfect and seems to be providing some kind of spiritual sustenance. Thanks be to God Who always provides the good we need just when we need it!



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