Cross Purposes 10 / Reali-Tease


For the last several days the thought has haunted me and begs to be explored: what if there are no dimensions, domains, realms, heavens, hells, and so forth determined by some sort of boundaries external to us? It seems reasonable to me that expressing questions and doubts is a back door way of asking for Wisdom.

What if these are actually only coalescing realities which each of us experiences by choice – some of it individually and some of it collectively – and they are all rather seamless, shifting, merging, emerging “fields” within and outside of us?

What if? One of my favorite “games”. So let the games begin…

What if we are ready now to know a 21st Century expansive quantum Lord and Savior, as the medieval images most of us grew up with are being shattered and transcended?

Then what if we determine our particular experience of reality, perhaps individually or collectively, by the choices we make, either creatively or in response to what has already been created, with or without knowledge of certain Universal Laws which govern all reality?

I’m not recommending tossing away everything, as in throwing out the baby with the bathwater, but isn’t it time to determine afresh what the bathwater actually is and let go of it? And for heaven’s sake, where is the Baby?

What if the Source of all realities, the Reality of realities containing them all, the vast eternal spiritual substance of Infinite Being in which we live, move, and have our being is infinitely aware, sensitive, and unconditionally loving? What if somehow this Reality – this All That Is – happens to be both Self contained yet also paradoxically perpetually expansive in its scope? What if this [dare we call it God?], infinite field of All That Is,  contains all knowledge that ever has been, is, and ever shall be? What if this Reality of realities is at one eternal moment the “container” of past, present, and future – yet is in itself without beginning and without end, although referred to as both Alpha and Omega? What if this is a mere glimpse of what Jesus refers to as Our Father Who Art in Heaven?

Is your mind spinning yet?

What if our real Image and Likeness is as “He” is? What if “perfection” really doesn’t mean human yardstick perfection, but rather amounts to the Fullness that our Heavenly Father is – in seed form, in a “becoming” form? [See Matthew 5:48 Amplified Bible for an excursion into some expanded thought on that!] 

What if I am restored to oneness with this fabulous expansive Infinite One, through the cross, resurrection, and ascension, having been redeemed – from the rather pathetic finite reality into which I “fell” – to this vast infinite reality which is way beyond my human finite comprehension – at this point?

If this is so, and let’s just imagine for a moment that it is, then could I claim with the apostle, that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us”? [Romans 8:18]

We declare all these beautiful, expansive concepts about God, and then go about setting up drama, doctrine, and dogma – “3D religion”? – as substitution realities for this Real Reality, with mind games that keep people in our own particular OK Corral. There are hoops to jump through and yardsticks galore, substituting these for the glory of what is freely given and called our inheritance. Could these be the limited reality cow pens, which are so far from what our Truth really is, the Pharisee enclosures which shut people out of the Kingdom of Heaven within them and into a greater expanse of understanding who and what they really are?

And the curious thing is, there is no real agreement on what the hoops and yardsticks look like, as fight and debate over this has been perpetuated for centuries!

Is God omnipresent or is He not? Is He omniscient? Is He omnipotent? Is He altogether unconditional and infinite Love?

Can I hear some “amens” out there?

If this is so, then why would any who claim to be created in His image seek to impose parameters and definitions around what anyone else’s relationship reality is with their Heavenly Father Creator? [Thank you Emperor Constantine and Council of Nicea – to begin with.]

Didn’t Paul state that “the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach.” [Romans 10:8. Referencing Deuteronomy 30:14]. The apostles served the Son of God, living as the Son of man, who had moved comfortably amongst sinners, harlots, and tax collectors and dined with them, revealing the Father’s vast unconditional Love – something the “religious” of His day would not be caught dead doing, lest they be defiled! Jesus wanted to show them what the Father “looked like”! Not only that, but He truly loved them and wanted them to experience their worth and worthiness in their Father’s eyes! 

But it was to the religious hypocrites that He pronounced, “woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” [Matthew 23:13].

The Cross represents new vistas of re-entering, in awareness and experience, a Reality so vast and uncharted, that the old limited self must be “crucified with Christ” in order for the new Unlimited Self, the Mind of Christ, to awaken, come forth, and enter into this Reality. Behold! The old has passed away and all things have become new. [Revelation 21:1]. There is mystery here. There is… my story.

I’m puzzled by the direction this is taking self righteous, limited me. At times I feel like an eggshell cracking. The Holy Spirit [Whole Spirit?] assures me that this is quite normal when we’re being reintroduced further into an expansiveness we have not been participating in for a very long time.

Wow! Eggshell gone, pin feathers drying in the warmth of the Son, snuggling up beneath His wings. A new reality! What if the New Creation is already manifesting?

New heaven… new earth… new Jerusalem… even a new name! [Revelation 3:12]

I’m not sure I can stand this much bliss.

How about you?


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