Veterans Day 2013


How quickly the years fly! Forty two short years ago I was looking forward to being honorably discharged from the United States Air Force. What had motivated a young woman to enter military service during a time when war was being so highly protested and seemed so unpopular? Viet Nam was underway, and Richard Nixon was the Commander in Chief. Today I think I may have arrived at some answers to that question.

So, here we are once more observing another Veterans Day. The situation in the world looms more ominous than it did those many years ago. Our patriotism runs hot, as do the forces that seek to squelch our freedoms here in the USA, indeed all over the world.

As someone who has, blessedly, been assigned to another mission since those days when in military service, my view of what needs to be seen is that there is a far greater war going on since before time began, one that began in the Celestial Realms – a rebellion and a coup against our Heavenly Father, His Kingdom and claims upon it, a fierce war into which we were coerced through subtle deception and then became complicit with its agendas. [That “Kingdom” is first and foremost within us, as taught by Jesus.]

This was and is a conflict in which every Human Being has been made a cosmic POW – a prisoner of war. Therefore the prime mission becomes one of getting out of here, that of being “saved” from this colossal cosmic conundrum.

In a sense we are all veterans, all POWs. All wars “here below” are but reflections of that greater conflict [“above” and “within”] in which we all have a major part, for it is Human Souls which become the spoils of such a war. Yet due to unawareness for whatever reasons, so many seem to be “AWOL” from involvement in significant and effectual ways.

It’s become clearer to me, more than ever before at this point in my life, that my part in this is to clarify and share my perspectives – with any who wish to hear them – concerning the message, mysteries, and mission of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet not only that, but to intercede concerning the matter of our participation in His cross, through the taking up of our cross, in order to be set free from everything this fallen state of affairs means for us. I am convinced and persuaded that the only way out is the way through the Cross!

What is offered by Jesus Christ is a radical plan of escape which comes only through our experiential co-crucifixion with and in Him. This brings meaning to and transforms us, our life, and all our suffering [whatever for that may take].

This is a very ancient message – a strategy designed to set us free by our Heavenly Father, God Who is Ultimate Infintie Love. It is revealed in the person, life, teachings, and passion of our Elder Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. He calls to us to enlist in and embark upon His mission in His way.

Whenever we turn away from the gospel of the cross, whenever we embrace some other path promoting worldly success, wealth, riches, and ease, we find ourselves on shaky ground in enemy occupied territory. There is no way around this. We cannot serve God and mammon. Please make no mistake about it, no matter how good the promise of worldly comforts may look and sound, how cunningly or attractively it is packaged, this is the essence of antichrist. If we embrace that, we have turned away from the Cross and denounced it. No inroads into the kingdom can be made if what we’re seeking is the comfort zones of the world and the ego’s own agendas.

It is the cross alone which is the answer to Godly victory, to becoming Godly not godlike [Please consider the difference, dear reader]. It is the cross alone which gives meaning to all that we may be called upon to walk through in this life. This is God’s way of working His righteousness, which we’re directed to seek first in this life. Then and only then will all else be added unto us – not by our efforts, but through the flow of sublimating grace as God keeps His promises to us.

Today much is being revealed as to the real agendas behind ever increasing worldly wars. It’s plain for any eye that chooses to “see into” this cast of characters. When we enlist to become soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen, we’re really “shadow boxing” in a sense, for all these wars and conflicts only mirror the greater war “Above”. The intention to serve is noble, but what are we serving for Heaven’s sake?!

My personal conclusion is that we “feel the call” “here below” in the patriotic sense, which mirrors something we may not even realize moves us at a much deeper level – the call to the Cosmic Conflict raging within and above us. This is the call of our Heavenly Father to come home, and to embrace the way out through the Cross which He has provided through our Elder Brother, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It is the straight and narrow way, not the broad highway and the fast lane that leads to further entrapment, the destiny of which is ultimate destruction.

Yet today, Veterans Day, we can hopefully realize that we are all called to be engaged in this spiritual warfare in the heavenly realms, and that the strategy of the Cross provides the outcome which alone can bring the end of all conflict, both Above and below.

We acknowledge, understand, and affirm that as we align ourselves with the Christ, surrendering our inner being to the strategies of God’s Word and the Inner Word of the Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit, that every day we come closer to the end of this conflict. We see the vision of our true home, happiness, holiness, and wholeness as He forms these within and around us. We accept and receive with gratitude our true and lasting freedom which alone comes from our Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom be the glory now and forever. Let us live it and “make it so” in Spirit and in truth! Amen.


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