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Cross Purposes 12 / Cosmic Costumes


Yesterday I completed a milestone year. I’d like to think that means a degree of Eldership or Mastery. However…

Are these lifetimes, these incarnations, or simply this lifetime’s roles, merely costumes found in some huge backstage cosmic closet? Do we only slip into these to assume some role in order to expand our consciousness? All these pretty, or perhaps not so pretty costumes, are all there – waiting for us. Do we play both the villain and the victim? Do we embrace both the coward and the victor?

Might it be that we do not become “worthy” to create our own entire production until we have fully embraced and satisfied the role each costume represents? Could the costumes be merely initiations whereby we achieve “mastery” by some celestial yardstick? Or do they really mean little or nothing?

When we’re finished with all the roles and the acts, what if we are then worthy to write, create, produce, and direct our own show in our own venue? Do we get to produce and stage our own reality, with a brand new plot, story line, costumes, props, themes, music, choreography, comedy, drama and tragedy? Will we then hold auditions, giving the parts to only the most audacious to awe the masses in our production?

If so, who or what is watching this spectacle?

What if none of it matters? What if eternity depends on it? Ah! That delicious question so dear to my heart of late – “what if”?

There are days when it seems as if my mind wants to split wide open. I keep seeing that final crucifixion moment, as the temple veil rips asunder to reveal the Most Holy Place where no human eye previously has been allowed the view. I see a massive stone rolled aside from a tomb hewn into a rocky hillside, with an ethereal glow emanating from it…

Yet just when I think I have an old reality nailed to the Cross, it seems that mystery once again appears in all that’s left of a burial shroud with the imprint of a crucifixion victim seared into it by even more mysterious, inexplicable forces and powers yet incomprehensible to finite human minds and senses.

Again comes the question, is this also one of the Mystery costumes, left to the faithful or the faithless to supply their own details and their own storyline?

Is doubt a sin or a cry for real Wisdom?

Or might doubt be an incredible boredom with the status quo “here below”, and the yearning for a new adventure beyond our wildest imaginings?

Then I wonder, how many people my age even think about this stuff? Yet I cannot remember ever being free of such questionings. How can anyone have a quest without questions?

I have never been free of that sense of having a net thrown over me, like some sort of unsuspecting butterfly who must merely flutter in a pretense of flight until it exhausts itself and perishes, over and over again… from lowly crawling worm, to chrysalis, to winged creature – everything in it prepared for flight. But the net ever awaits it.

The winged one yearns for the knowledge and freedom that can only come from flying!

At this point I yearn to give to others of my substance, from the core of the real me, not the costumed actor. Yet I find myself in the most solitary mode I have ever experienced. There are days when all I seem capable of is to wonder if this reality isn’t some sort of cosmic death row, where those declared the arch criminals await sentencing by some cosmic council, where – bereft of any real knowledge of themselves and plunged into a stuporous imposed amnesia – we await an outcome. The deck is stacked, you are more than a card short, and you’re pretty sure you’ve been taken for a joker.

Why me? You ask. What’s this all about? Other people seem fairly laid back. They mind their own business. Or are they apathetic? Are they scared to see, think, feel, ask questions, or respond? What has become, is becoming, of humanity? You want to shout, to rattle the cell bars, to rattle somebody’s chain… really rattle it! But what good will it do? Why doesn’t anybody seem to care?

I’ve never been able to be like that. I have “cosmic curiosity”, but apparently no cosmic clearance. Yes, I’m an adventuress at heart [the positive kind, not the opportunist who rips out hearts and then runs]. I despise the net thrown over me, the grounding, the not knowing, the staleness and sterility of life. Inwardly I feel more go power than a colt in the starting gate vying for the Triple Crown, but outwardly the gate never even opens!

If there is anything that has characterized my sense of this life, it is the utter frustration of wasted potential, a sense of having been created with an incredible array of ability onboard, among some of the best in the Cosmos. Yet just after pulling out of space dock on the maiden voyage, the ship is met by a peculiar mechanized collectivist race and assimilated… Is that all there is?

I’ve read books, studied philosophy and the Bible, participated in every spiritual tradition under the sun, prayed, meditated, passed through a lot of “esoteric spaces” where one is advised not to go. I think I went there looking for answers I couldn’t even recognize, let alone articulate. “Organized” Christianity held no viable answers.

Lately I’ve returned to a deeply inner Christian Contemplative path; however, doubt and questions still loom large. [I’ll stick my neck our by stating that anyone who says you’ll come to a place where you will no longer question is full of hot air!]

I have to convince myself every day that I’m content, that I’m not losing my mind, although at this level that may be a requirement in a sense. All the while my deepest Inner Being is squirming to be free – whoever that is. I yearn to either go Home, or to keep on expanding into pure creative radiant Sentience.

I can talk the talk of “interfaith”, or I can shape shift into somebody who sheds tears over, and sincerely delights in, the old Gospel songs and hymns. I do love them! That may be because the Creativity in their composers somehow had the good sense to design their music and lyrics in a form that allows the listener or singer to emote whatever they see in these curiously transcendent songs with timeless and universal appeal.

Now this new shape shifting facet of myself – this ability to meld into the thought concurrent in any particular setting or paradigm, for the most part [I do have my limits on this one!] somewhat disturbs me. Being a shape shifter in this sense means that others may be confused as to my position and roll, or to perceive me as hypocritical. Or it may even scare the hell out of them because they think I can’t be trusted… Yes, since when did that costume and role appear on this stage?

However, what this may indicate is that they are disappointed because I did not fit into their costume, whether it’s New Age or Fundamentalist Christian, or a thousand and one variations thereof! It’s simply that I have enjoyed all the assigned costumes, and when I have donned them and really taken them seriously, I glean information, knowledge, and wisdom in the embrace of the role. These experiences have brought understanding concerning how other wearers of the costume, content with only that costume, feel about it and what makes them tick. It’s a secure feeling to always wear only one costume. It is a tool for growing my own empathy and compassion.

However, the first of these was fig leaves sewn together, was it not?

What may be different to observers is that I also find myself to be greatly discontented if I’m not free to embellish, alter, or be creative with both the costume and the role. I have been known to rewrite my part, if not the entire script.

But I guess it does get ugly when the colt goes into bomber mode in the starting gate, or the butterfly flops itself to death trying to fly within the net.

So I guess if anyone hates me for that, it’s about as sensible as hating Johnny Depp because you always want him to play Edward Scissorhands, while Tonto is always reserved for Jay Silverheels.

At the end of the day, frankly, it’s tough enough being stuck with all these cosmic costumes, when you’d like to not any longer be the roles they represent, but to become fully yourSelf… Yet can that ever be without wearing each one and embracing its role?

I think that few if any have actually yet achieved transcending the function of the costumes.

But maybe we’re getting close, judging from the futility and frustration.

Cross Purposes 11 / Stranger At The Gate


Cross 11 is illustrated in hues of pink. There’s a reason for that. Very often people regard Christianity as a “patriarchal” religion – male dominated, controlling, war like. Drawing from history, I can conclude why they think this is so, since so much of it has been a political institution characterized by the “believe it as we see it or else” mindset – with its infighting, crusades, wars, oppression, inquisitions, burnings, and the like.

What’s needed is not the history and reputation of a corporate, politicized “church” that merely makes a claim to the Name which it has taken in vain, but instead the presence of living temples of the Holy Spirit who know the Lord Jesus Himself, the very essence of Unconditional Love, the One Who says, “If you have seen Me, then you have seen the Father”. The world needs to know of the reality of such people consistently filled with the unconditional love of God.

But I digress. Back to why Cross 11 is pink. Pink is traditionally a very feminine color, and shades of purple are often associated with Wisdom, biblically referred to as “she” even in the Old Testament. So, what we’re focusing on here is the quality of feminine wisdom, but not to be confused with feminism as a political movement. This wisdom is the one proclaimed by Jesus [Luke 13:34] as one who desired to gather, like a hen gathers her brood under her wings, those who reject His work, message, claims, and identity.

But the question must be honestly approached: what about me is there which may be a reason why some people in my life reject the Lord whom I claim to love and serve?

So here’s a little “parable” to illustrate compassion as the strength of scriptural feminine Wisdom. . .

Standing behind a picture window curtain where I cannot be seen [or so I think], I happen to notice a peculiar stranger who stands outside the gate of the white picket fenced property that I call my life. For some reason I sense that to this person, the neat whitewashed fence seems more like a fortress wall surrounding a well stocked arsenal of defenses. It says, no one is coming in here that I deem unworthy.

As I draw closer to this Soul, whom I “believe” is provided salvation by the same Jesus I claim I believe in, I notice he is disheveled, poor, and does not seem to have his ducks in a row as far as I’m concerned. I draw closer still. I notice he shivers; he is sick with leprosy. No! This cannot be!

Compelled by some unseen Hand, I approach as close as my fear allows. His eyes stare into mine. They plead, “Please help me!” He says nothing.

My mind races. What can I do, as little as possible, to simply assuage my conscience and make him go away? I cannot have this in my space! No, God. Not this person. Not now. It’s too much to ask.

My ego defenses are up. What will people think if I let this person into my life? Friends will tell me I’m an enabler, that this is America, and people like that have to learn to stand on their own two feet. Besides – and this is really important – I’m just about late for that seminar at the church on dreaming big and how to have more prosperity in my life. This guy could not have shown up at a more inconvenient time!

And then I hear it, that Still Small Voice Who says, “Never mind that. This is what inconvenient truth really looks like. What do you intend to do about it?”

Oh, come on! Seriously, Lord?

I draw still closer. I manage a half hearted smile. I open the gate. Slowly we walk together to the front door. Oh, he is such an unkept mess! Lord, surely you don’t mean that I should let him into my house! I… I… I…!

Again, the Still Small Voice. “You seem to be suffering from ‘I’ trouble, My child. Here, let me help you. Look at Him; really look at him. Now open the door, bid him to rest his weary bones on your couch next to the fire, and bring him hot food to eat and some hot apple cider.”

You have got be kidding. Don’t You know I’m late for that seminar at the church, and I already paid for it!

“Just do it!”

Well, OK, You’re the boss…” I mutter as I chafe beneath this task.

As I go about preparing the meal, I feel something shift within me. I’ve forgotten all about the seminar, my reputation, and my standing in my white picket fence world. The thought crosses my mind that perhaps he is cold and would like a blanket, so I go to the closet and grab one. When I bring it to him, he is dozing. I unfold it and place it gently over him. He awakens and smiles a thank you, but he does not say anything, as his eyes gently close.

My heart melts, as I tell him I’ll be back in a moment with something to eat and drink.

I return to the kitchen. My heart is for some undefinable reason light and radiating a profound sense of Love that comes from within me but is not of me. Now I’m nearly dancing, as I feel surrounded by that Love myself. It is as if I’m in the middle of the smile of God! No, I feel like I’m one with the smile of God! This is so different!

I place his food and drink on a tray and carry it out to him.

Something very strange has happened. This beggarly, sick Soul is no longer that! Before me sits a smiling radiant Jesus Himself. And on the coffee table is spread a feast the likes of which would rival any banquet in any king’s palace.

He says, “Won’t you join Me? There are so many things I would like to talk about with you…”

[The rest of this story is interactive. Please feel free to write your own personal ending.]

 An affirmation: I accept, love, and forgive, embodied as Jesus in the world, fully and without fear or reservation, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Scripture Texts For Consideration and Contemplation:

Matthew 25:35 [NASB]. “For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.”

Hebrews 13:2 [NASB]. “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

Psalm 146:9 [NASB]. “The Lord protects the strangers; He supports the fatherless and the widow; but He thwarts the way of the wicked.”

Leviticus 19:33,34 [NASB]. “When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself; for you were aliens in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God.”

Light In The Darkness

“Captain’s Log” 11/23/2013 [Please excuse my presumptuous sense of humor]:

This entry is a little off topic for my usual approach [is there a usual approach?]. Well anyway, it has to do with something that I experienced last evening. It may be related to my usual approach; it may not be, but I offer it as something a bit out of the ordinary, especially for practical li’l ol’ me.

It happened just after dark, about 7:15 pm, while I was clearing away the supper dishes. Ordinarily we do not dine this late, as our usual mealtime is around 3, being neither lunch nor dinner, but what simply works for our routines. However, yesterday was an exception, since my husband was out on a job where he was detained much later than usual.

I happened to glance out the window, thinking to myself how dark and blustery it was, and that sunset had been nearly an hour ago. That’s when I noticed something very different and startling. It was strange but beautiful, off in a southwest all by itself in the sky. For whatever reason I made note of the time, and darted out the front door into the frigid November night for a better look.

The “unknown” has been a back burner interest of mine most of my life. The idea of “other life” both fascinates and repels me, to the point where I’d made up my mind long ago that if I ever saw something strange in the sky, especially if it’s nearby, that I would definitely make a beeline in the opposite direction without another glance post haste. Or  I would be calling on the Name of Jesus to make the “experience” stop, especially if it was “up close and personal”. It was a mental drill I’d put together for just such a moment.

On this occasion, however, I felt compelled to choose neither fight nor flight.

All day the sky was characterized by an unremarkable color I’ve dubbed Michigan November Slate – turbulent, cloudy, windswept, and gray. That did not change after sunset; except  it was thicker, much darker, and colder, with no penetrating light whatsoever to be seen from those lesser lights that rule the night.

No bright objects were to be seen anywhere in the heavens – except this one solitary, round, pulsating, sparkling [not flashing] essentially white light, shimmering off in the distance [See illustration at the end of this article].

The object was clearer outdoors than it had been from the kitchen window, except that the branches of the trees challenged the view. So I headed back in to continue my observation from the kitchen window. I was able to watch it for perhaps another 30 seconds, when I thought I should share this with my husband. So I headed for the bedroom where he was resting and reading, basically tucked in for the night. At that moment I thought I should not disturb him, so I turned around and darted back to the window. The object was completely gone. I was disappointed.

I think the processing of this “sighting” began with the awareness that I felt a peaceful sense of elation. When I finished my kitchen chores, I decided to let a few people I’m close to know that I’d seen something. The clown in me of course had to report that I probably wouldn’t be sleeping very well due to this experience, but that was all very tongue in cheek.

This luminous object was exquisite! There was no fear involved. Whatever I saw I perceived and experienced as benevolent and peaceful. And the image was so seared into my mind that I was easily able to produce it as a digital rendering this morning. If what we call the Star of Bethlehem was a literal star, I don’t think it could have been more remarkable than what I was seeing.

I’ve been able to spend more time with this today, to process what was an experience outside the ordinary. The words that best describe it would be “angelic goodness”.

Let me just say that the last year has been challenging in so many ways, long story short. As I processed what I saw, I was reminded that whenever I pray for our family who now live in the Southwest, I often stand facing in the same direction where I saw this brilliant object aglow in the sky, as I direct my prayers toward them.

Was this my special “messenger” appearing before my eyes only, bringing with it for a brief span of time a flash of divine love which I have greatly needed to feel? Could this be a special angel who reassures me that all my prayers have been heard?

I’m not someone who is comfortable with invoking occult experiences or entities, not even supposedly benevolent angels. What I do believe in is the persistent, dogged, single minded pursuit of God and God alone, in response to His pursuit of me. I’ve always thought that if God’s will is for me to experience anything of a “phenomenal” nature, He will be the one to initiate and allow it, and that it will not be frightening because He will have made me ready for it. His grace is sufficient for me, as I trust in Him for my good alone.

But there are times, and He knows it, when the pressure of the “labor pains” of this life, which are squeezing “new creations” into Eternity, are so intense, that maybe a little glimpse of something superlatively spectacular and even supernatural are just what the Great Physician ordered! I may have received that last night. It was perfect and seems to be providing some kind of spiritual sustenance. Thanks be to God Who always provides the good we need just when we need it!


Cross Purposes 10 / Reali-Tease


For the last several days the thought has haunted me and begs to be explored: what if there are no dimensions, domains, realms, heavens, hells, and so forth determined by some sort of boundaries external to us? It seems reasonable to me that expressing questions and doubts is a back door way of asking for Wisdom.

What if these are actually only coalescing realities which each of us experiences by choice – some of it individually and some of it collectively – and they are all rather seamless, shifting, merging, emerging “fields” within and outside of us?

What if? One of my favorite “games”. So let the games begin…

What if we are ready now to know a 21st Century expansive quantum Lord and Savior, as the medieval images most of us grew up with are being shattered and transcended?

Then what if we determine our particular experience of reality, perhaps individually or collectively, by the choices we make, either creatively or in response to what has already been created, with or without knowledge of certain Universal Laws which govern all reality?

I’m not recommending tossing away everything, as in throwing out the baby with the bathwater, but isn’t it time to determine afresh what the bathwater actually is and let go of it? And for heaven’s sake, where is the Baby?

What if the Source of all realities, the Reality of realities containing them all, the vast eternal spiritual substance of Infinite Being in which we live, move, and have our being is infinitely aware, sensitive, and unconditionally loving? What if somehow this Reality – this All That Is – happens to be both Self contained yet also paradoxically perpetually expansive in its scope? What if this [dare we call it God?], infinite field of All That Is,  contains all knowledge that ever has been, is, and ever shall be? What if this Reality of realities is at one eternal moment the “container” of past, present, and future – yet is in itself without beginning and without end, although referred to as both Alpha and Omega? What if this is a mere glimpse of what Jesus refers to as Our Father Who Art in Heaven?

Is your mind spinning yet?

What if our real Image and Likeness is as “He” is? What if “perfection” really doesn’t mean human yardstick perfection, but rather amounts to the Fullness that our Heavenly Father is – in seed form, in a “becoming” form? [See Matthew 5:48 Amplified Bible for an excursion into some expanded thought on that!] 

What if I am restored to oneness with this fabulous expansive Infinite One, through the cross, resurrection, and ascension, having been redeemed – from the rather pathetic finite reality into which I “fell” – to this vast infinite reality which is way beyond my human finite comprehension – at this point?

If this is so, and let’s just imagine for a moment that it is, then could I claim with the apostle, that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us”? [Romans 8:18]

We declare all these beautiful, expansive concepts about God, and then go about setting up drama, doctrine, and dogma – “3D religion”? – as substitution realities for this Real Reality, with mind games that keep people in our own particular OK Corral. There are hoops to jump through and yardsticks galore, substituting these for the glory of what is freely given and called our inheritance. Could these be the limited reality cow pens, which are so far from what our Truth really is, the Pharisee enclosures which shut people out of the Kingdom of Heaven within them and into a greater expanse of understanding who and what they really are?

And the curious thing is, there is no real agreement on what the hoops and yardsticks look like, as fight and debate over this has been perpetuated for centuries!

Is God omnipresent or is He not? Is He omniscient? Is He omnipotent? Is He altogether unconditional and infinite Love?

Can I hear some “amens” out there?

If this is so, then why would any who claim to be created in His image seek to impose parameters and definitions around what anyone else’s relationship reality is with their Heavenly Father Creator? [Thank you Emperor Constantine and Council of Nicea – to begin with.]

Didn’t Paul state that “the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach.” [Romans 10:8. Referencing Deuteronomy 30:14]. The apostles served the Son of God, living as the Son of man, who had moved comfortably amongst sinners, harlots, and tax collectors and dined with them, revealing the Father’s vast unconditional Love – something the “religious” of His day would not be caught dead doing, lest they be defiled! Jesus wanted to show them what the Father “looked like”! Not only that, but He truly loved them and wanted them to experience their worth and worthiness in their Father’s eyes! 

But it was to the religious hypocrites that He pronounced, “woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” [Matthew 23:13].

The Cross represents new vistas of re-entering, in awareness and experience, a Reality so vast and uncharted, that the old limited self must be “crucified with Christ” in order for the new Unlimited Self, the Mind of Christ, to awaken, come forth, and enter into this Reality. Behold! The old has passed away and all things have become new. [Revelation 21:1]. There is mystery here. There is… my story.

I’m puzzled by the direction this is taking self righteous, limited me. At times I feel like an eggshell cracking. The Holy Spirit [Whole Spirit?] assures me that this is quite normal when we’re being reintroduced further into an expansiveness we have not been participating in for a very long time.

Wow! Eggshell gone, pin feathers drying in the warmth of the Son, snuggling up beneath His wings. A new reality! What if the New Creation is already manifesting?

New heaven… new earth… new Jerusalem… even a new name! [Revelation 3:12]

I’m not sure I can stand this much bliss.

How about you?

Lonesome Valley

Lonesome Valley

This is a musical interlude here in the online chapel, which I recorded this afternoon – an old favorite of mine, Lonesome Valley. It corresponds with yesterday’s message concerning Hidden Wisdom and the mystery of the Cross. I hope that it blesses you with the profound truth it expresses about our oneness in Jesus. With His willingness to endure His cross, he encourages us in ours with His profound omnipresence.

Cross Purposes 9 / Hidden Wisdom

For contemplation: 1Corinthians 2:7,8 “But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.


This stunning passage is one that seemed to open up a lot of understanding for me awhile back – one of those things where you stop dead in your tracks as you read it. Where was that before? I didn’t know it said that in the Scripture. I’ve read that a dozen times at least! Why didn’t I see that before? You say, “Run that by me again! There’s something here I need to understand.”  You pause. You pray. You ponder with the Holy Spirit. You ask hungrily to be shown more. Little by little, inch by inch, line upon line, precept upon precept, a little here, a little there…

Ever hear this? “A crucifix is grotesque! Why would anyone wish to wear a symbol of someone dying on a brutal Roman torture device? You might as well wear a miniature electric chair!”

Sound bite? Programming from the “matrix” that calls forth this recitation, as if to reinforce to the reciter “how rational thou art”? Who knows? But that’s all they see in it – what’s on the surface. That’s as far as it goes.

It takes new eyes to see what’s really going on with that “Roman torture device”, eyes divinely “wired” to see from a Celestial perspective, eyes that look out from the infinite Mind of Christ.

There is mystery here, hidden Wisdom, something that goes far beyond our ordinary perception and human reasoning. It leads into a much deeper metaphysical reality requiring the opening of deeper inner perception and persuasion [“faith”] – if it is to be grasped, understood, and fleshed out in physical reality.

Maybe this is a good spot to pause, look around, and consider that the physical Jesus begins in a wooden manger and ends on a wooden cross. That’s it?

It’s something so deep that it had to be kept secret because, if the powers that were had understood it, they would not have carried out their conspiracy against the Son of God. In short, it would have resulted in a cosmic catastrophe worse than the one wherein the current cosmic catastrophe was set in motion by the primal war in Heaven…

“They” would not have seen to it that He would be executed under the cruel visage of Imperial Rome, had they a clue. The Cross of Jesus Christ was God’s Celestial Counter Conspiracy enshrouded in the common wooden cross – yet so much more than a cruel device of execution, at least in this unique case.

They were rejoicing, “The end of Him!” But God was declaring, “Only the beginning!”

While the powers that were celebrated the death of the Son of Man, the Son of God was busily unlocking the gates of the clenched jaws of hell itself and offering a full pardon to all the human inmates gathered there on death row. “C’mon, brothers and sisters, take My hand, and let’s get out of here!” He cries. “I’ve paid the ransom note; let’s go! You’re free!”

This was the jail break of the ages, as He paid in full for our redemption with His own holy blood! He cried out in that moment, “It is finished!” And so it is. The brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ were being snatched out of the Cosmic Prison in order to return to the Celestial home of our Heavenly Father.

Dare we say that the rest is history?

There’s nothing for it but for each of us to ponder the implications of this act of redemption for ourselves and our lives.

Galatians 2:20 spells out the basics: “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.”

“I”, that is my ego-centered false self, “old adam” no longer live. My personal sniveling little Gollum, always hungering after his “Precious”, comes to its end in the Cross! It is his undoing, his Forge of Doom. The desire for some form of “ring of power” that dominates an individual’s life ultimately consumes any semblance of true humanity. It must be reckoned dead and buried through the Cross.

Then it is only through this “death” [via taking up of our own cross] that the “Christ liveth in me.” It’s not just believing; it’s receiving and living within this New Reality that gives us a New Creation – a new transformed “me”, bearing to the world the radiant image and likeness of the resurrected Lord.

How many of us then can say with Jesus, “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father”?

Each Soul must prayerfully ask to be shown what this means, what this reckoning ourselves dead, buried, and made alive in Christ, looks like for him or her. No one can do it for us. It’s a path in “Christed-ness” we need to walk ourselves with the Holy Spirit’s help, comfort, and counsel.

“Jesus walked that lonesome valley;

He had to walk it by Himself;

Nobody else could walk it for Him

He had to walk it by Himself.”

Each of us is called to walk that lonesome valley in the daily taking up of our cross. What does that mean for me? What does it mean for you?

He tells us that without this, we cannot be His disciple. This is a serious matter. It’s a call to radical discipleship, to flesh out the plan of escape through the Cross.

The question is, am I, are you, ready and willing and able to answer that call? Have we heard His Voice? Do we understand what it will require?

There’s a divine Pearl of Wisdom hidden in a field of mystery. Will you sell all you possess, and let go of all that possesses you, to have it?

Just A Word Of Appreciation

This really isn’t an article or anything profound, but it is addressed to any and all who have been liking, commenting on or following my posts [or even those who lurk in the shadows and only read them] – Many thanks! I’m by no mean a techno-wizard, so I thought I’d just give a shout out of appreciation to all of you. I finally did figure out how to access your input to my posts. Since we here in the States are approaching our Thanksgiving holiday, it’s good to begin to shift our focus to that of gratitude and appreciation for many things, not the least of which is expressing thanks to the Creator for one anothers’ presence here in this forum.

Blessings to all of you who are touching my heart and life. If we can live in the attitude of gratitude – a “be-attitude”, beauty and blessing will unfold and ever increase around us that reflects the change within us wrought by God’s own hand.

May it be so now and throughout all our life, and forever.